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Challenges The Lord Bendtner Challenge


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Arsene Wenger once said of Nicklas Bendtner that he had the potential to be an “unstoppable striker” that “had everything in his locker”. High praise indeed yet now at the age of 31 he is playing in his native Denmark for FC Kobenhaven having joined them from Rosenborg in Norway and is considered at best a wasted talent and at worst a joke.

It is hard to argue with Wenger in the early years of Bendtner’s career that he could become a great striker. He was prolific in Arsenal’s reserves and made his debut for the first team at the age of 17. He had pace, was powerfully built and good on the ball, he looked perfect for Premier League football but in the end he never lived up to that during his time at Arsenal or since he left the Gunners. 

So what went wrong?

Injuries were certainly a factor with a groin injury causing him problems during his time at Arsenal. In all honesty though from the outside looking in Nicklas has been his own worst enemy during his career with controversy never too far away. Falling out with team mates, car crashes, night club incidents and time under house arrest for assaulting a taxi driver all point to a player who’s focus wasn’t on football as much as it should be.

During his time at Arsenal he went out on loan to Birmingham, Sunderland and Juventus but never quite did enough at any of those clubs to prove himself. At the end of the 2013/14 season he left Arsenal as his contract had expired and signed for Wolfsburg. He has subsequently played for Nottingham Forest, Rosenborg and this season is back home in Denmark playing for his hometown club FC Kobenhaven.

The Challenge

Your job is to give Nicklas one last hurrah before he retires by scoring more goals in his final seasons than he has done up to the beginning of the 2019/20 season.

In all competitions he had scored 112 goals before he signed for Kobenhaven so your target is 113 goals in as few games as possible.


The Challenge Details

·       Club Choice: You may manage any (playable) club that he has played for during his career up to and including 2019/20 season. That means you can choose from Arsenal, Birmingham City, Sunderland, Juventus, Wolfsburg or FC Kobenhaven.

·       Transfers: You are allowed to make whatever transfers you wish at your chosen team.

·       Changing Club: You may change club during the save so long as it is to one of his former teams E.G. you could start at Arsenal, then move to Juve and finish at FC Kobenhaven.

·       Challenge Points: You simply need to get the goals scored as quickly as possible so your score is the number of games Bendtner plays to get 113 club goals. So as an example if he scores 113 goals in 150 games for you then your score is 150 points.

·       Screenshots: You will need to provide a screenshot of the match he scored his 113th goal for you in, his player history at that point and his attributes. The best thing to do is start a career on the forum so we can all follow your progress.

Rules and Clarifications

·       Only club goals scored for the teams listed above count.

·       Only goals in games you were manager of a team listed above count.

·       No editors, reloading or cheating in anyway.

·       Only the official DB is allowed to be used.



Any questions just ask in the comments below.

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He did have ability but unfortunately he had his head up his own arse which was his biggest problem for me.

Nice challenge this though and similar to your Shane Long one from earlier this year which I attempted and really enjoyed.

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