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Mr Tree

Career League of Ireland, the best league in the world?! (S11)

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· Posted (edited)

Right you are @Paul186- and thanks for the support, as always! 


Season Nine

Vieira burst through this season to form the three-man wing rotation alongside Santos and Sweeney... But then i got a €15m bid for him, and €10m for Santos, plus €13m for my 21yo 4th-choice Czech midfielder, and another €3m for Pratley, who had dropped to 4th in the striker rotation.

I guess what I'm trying to say is we're now freakin' loaded. None of these losses really hurt me on the pitch (maybe the occasional step-back for two steps forward), and we finally got another Training facilities upgrade (and Youth) this year, plus our new stadium has already been expanded twice up to 55k capacity now. 

All my players' values have jumped too, so whereas i once remember the thrill of having a €1m player, now most of the first-team regulars are in the €10m region. 

And we're far from finished. This year saw us reach the Champions League quarter-final for the first time ever, stunning Liverpool...


...before falling valiantly to Inter:



I finally bothered to look and saw that the rankings (understandably) get updated between the finals and the start of the new campaign - and as predicted last time, a few more points sent us flying up (8 places overall!)...


And this will be further boosted (slightly) as TWO of my colleagues advanced past one round of Euro Cup II Qualifying:



Derry weren't far from joining them, either...



Over in the new Champs League campaign, unfortunately we were given yet another brutal draw to contend with (after battling through 3 rounds of qualifying again), with rematches against Barcelona and Liverpool 😮

But we won all our home games and got a point in Ukraine to qualify with a game to spare, which was fortunate because our keeper missed the last game at Anfield with a stubbed finger(!!), and i don't have a quality backup at the moment, just an aging competent and a young hopeful...


RB Leipzig await us in the next round in February...


Domestically we had a couple of blips as we juggled the squad and fit new players in, but nothing too drastic...



My only loss is my new Personal Best on @Rob's "Being FMMed" leaderboard, with a 21-2 shot count ending in a 0-2 defeat to Shamrock. And a skeleton crew shipped a late equaliser at already-relegated St Pat's on the last day to stop us breaking the 100pt barrier. The loss in the Leinster Senior Cup was just weird, but fair play to Bohs (whose manager in the game for a long time now has been one of my favourite ever Brentford players, Hermann Hreidarsson).

Btw i was wrong before, @DIRECTFX- i thought my Affiliates can't get promoted, but i didn't realise they had playoffs in the Irish First Division, which is why my boys missed out previously. Top two this time, although Drogheda then lost in the playoffs, but Cabinteely will join us next year. I wonder if I'll be able to loan more players to them now - my fringe players refuse Affiliate loans, which is a bit annoying (they should do as they're told!), so i can only send teenagers out (Cabinteely got promoted by themselves, i didn't help much!).


Player of the Season

Our best performers for the season:


Tommy's attributes didn't get much further, but he's quite a beast already. Pelissier at the bottom is a winger who i use as reserve right-back, cos he's not quite good enough to be a winger for me... i just accepted a €17m bid for him, and he turned down the move saying he'd find it hard to leave :)

But i haven't spotlighted Sweeney yet - he was a Gold youth and he's developed pretty nicely:


Hopefully we can push him a little further, but a 20 pace, 19 dribbling, 18 movement wide-man who can pass, cross and shoot seems useful :)


Thanks for reading! 

Edited by Mr Tree

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Getting close mate in CC 😆

I hate it when you get those games you batter teams and still lose. 

Sweeney is a beast fella....but would you sell if a huge offer came in?

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Many thanks @Paul186and @Woody - Sweeney being Irish and us now being rich, I'm definitely going to try and resist offers, but unfortunately a couple of players had rough seasons this year after i turned down bids, so it's going to be a tricky balance....


Season Ten

We made further progress in Europe... meaning yes, we reached the Champions League semi-final for the first time 😮

Because we absolutely smashed it in the quarters...


Alas, Chelsea were able to keep us at bay to stop us getting any further :(


But still, a massive boost for our ranking:


Yep, half the Irish league now get Euro qualification! 


Two of my draws there came in that inevitable period i have every season now where i have to catch up all my league games, playing every other day, even during international breaks. It's a bit stupid, although fortunately it doesn't matter much, but a 100% season is gonna be tough to achieve. 

Anyway, it'll be interesting to see how my Irish friends get on next season. There were some small signs of progress this year, with Dundalk coming close (ish) to reaching the Euro Cup II group stage:


Shamrock advanced past one round too...


But Derry were useless:



As for my new Champions League campaign, we drew Ludgorets of Bulgaria, who keen readers may remember defeated me humiliatingly one season (i think it was sthg like i won 4-1 away before losing 0-4 at home). So the boys were fired up!!


We repeated the feat at Legia Warsaw in the next round too! And then we coasted through our group:


Man Utd to come in the last 16...

Confirmation of my domestic clean sweep:


And my manager profile, after 10 seasons:



Btw 1: the Affiliate / promotion plot thickened, with my affiliate Cabinteely getting promotion last season and then saying...



Btw 2: there was a World Cup, i missed getting a screenshot, but this sounds.... intense!



Player of the Season

Sorted by goals, cos having a 50-goal striker, two 30-goal strikers and a winger scoring 25 seemed noteworthy :)1791043587_Screenshot_20210417-203030_FM21Mobile.thumb.jpg.afadca45e54244f540edd89226200ee9.jpg

But actually, it's the rock-solid defensive counterpoint to that potent strikeforce that demands attention here - this lad has burst through impressively in the last two seasons, somehow racking up 66 games this year! 



I think going another step further in the CL will be tricky this time, especially with my main man Ampadu demanding to be "set free" and sulking about staying. We'll see! Thanks for reading :)

Edited by Mr Tree

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Great work tree, unlucky against Chelsea, hopefully can go all the way next season!

would like to see what hand looks like, he seems to be scoring non stop!

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12 hours ago, Albionic said:

Great work tree, unlucky against Chelsea, hopefully can go all the way next season!

would like to see what hand looks like, he seems to be scoring non stop!

Ah yeah, i meant to say he wasn't much, but not bad of course, esp for 5k a week :)


I meant to point out my two left-backs too, Kipre and Wilkie, combining for 17 goals - both set-piece experts. Very useful! 

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Many thanks for the kind words @Albionic, @Paul186, @smoggy90 and Professor @broodje kip - always highly appreciated! 


Season Eleven

Cut to the headline - we got a step further in Europe. But only half-a-step. As in, we were 10 minutes away from reaching the Champions League Final...


We were holding a new club record 72-game unbeaten run, but I'd have loved to have one more...

Gutted. Barca went on to win the final 6-4 after extra time, btw 😮

Also btw, we slaughtered Man U in the last 16 :)


I accepted a €30m bid for 30yo Ampadu, who is great but good money for an aging player... but he said no:


Got a problem with my star Irish right-back Kiely though, cos he wants a big signing bonus but despite me being loaded, i can't give him much. He slumped a bit but fortunately performances picked up again. 

On to the new european campaign and i was curious to see how my colleagues got on... They didn't win a single round, despite now having a few bites at the cherry :(




Derry and Cabinteely both useless in Euro Cup II too. 

But back-to-back semis meant our coefficient kept climbing:


Top 12 looks attainable, but it gets tricky from there - Greece seem to have a better score than me in the last two seasons, so we'll need more to be able to overtake them. 

I'm still curious enough to see how far i can do it "alone" - not many would but let's see how far i can get. Really enjoying it though and i think it'd be fun to do next year too, changing clubs 3 or 4 times...

We have a nice solid team now, so a group of Benfica and Inter didn't hold much fear...


Decky Hand missed a glorious chance in injury time in Milan to extend a juicy winning run, and they promptly went up the other end and scored. But we ended in style, beating Benfica 8-1 at home in our last game of the season. Liverpool await in the last 16.

Smashed it domestically, obv, with our first 100% season:




Player of the Season

Squad overview:


Talbot sulked a bit and hasn't pushed on, so Spajic overtook him. Shields is our main penalty-taker, probably about 75% success, we do get quite a few. But he's a decent little player (signed for €1k domestically a few years ago).


Love those red arrows :( Maybe just cos i took the screenshot in our offseason break...

Btw we had to say goodbye to Joey Hodge, who played such a big part in our rise, including being club captain in his early 20's. He got overtaken by all the other talent at the club, but i noticed at the end that I'd inadvertently got him to a nice round 400 games :)



Thanks for reading! 

Edited by Mr Tree

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and another good season, how long before you win the champions league or will you do it before the ESL takes over

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Congrats on the 100% domestic season . 
Just amazing how far you have gotten the league up the rankings. Looks like Hodge had a great run for you from the beginning. Wonder if all the Irish talent you got translate to a good run for national team ?? 

I get confused in the league rankings why it seems some ranks the spots don’t go by following the coefficients? Seems some leagues get more or less spots randomly it’s the red and blue colors when outside top 10 and inside top 10 think it’s green and blue you will notice they don’t follow like they should . For Example look at your last post here and see rankings shows you are 15th and Switzerland (red) is ahead of you at 14th but you got more teams 2-1-2 (5)vs 1-0-3 (4)? Same with Belgium (blue) 13th 2-1-2 (5) and Turkey (red) 12th only 1-0-3 (4). Biggest one is Portugal (blue) 6th place but only have 2-1-2 (5) but Russia (green) 7th has more teams 3-1-2 (6) . Just wonder if you will run into any problems or know why rankings and amount of teams in Europe skip a few rankings ? Like you hit 12th but  get less teams than 13th rank league .

Just interested as you fly up the board you climbing so fast think need the other teams now to do something at least in the Euro Cup II .. Will you stay at Shelbourne no matter what or hop to a few others since club is solid now ? 


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Thanks for your comments lads, I'll come back to them when i can.....

I can't believe what I've just seen. I knew this might not be the best year for me - i check the Dynamics just at the start of each season, i don't care much, but i saw this...


With Shieldsy (highlighted above) a major drag on both the top two lines. I could've sold but i didn't want to, so he stormed out of training after being denied a dream move to Wolves, i gave him a new contract so he chilled, then i fined someone else for being a dick and now he's sulking cos of that. 

So his form has dropped and he was benched for the CL second leg, where a topsy-turvy game with Liverpool ended like this.....


Sorry, i should've recorded their winner for your entertainment, but i couldn't actually manage it (couldn't see through my tears) - in the 6th minute of 4 minutes injury time, my right back rolled it back to the keeper... who took a heavy touch, straight to their striker :(

So no improvement this year, indeed quite a dent on my score. 

This current generation were fading a bit, so i scouted and recruited heavily this winter (my reserve team is full now!), so hopefully we come back stronger before not too long. Proper gutted though! 

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