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  1. Hi all, Long time FMM player here, currently enjoying FMM24 on iOS. As a Apple Arcade subscriber I can also play FM Touch 24 on my iphone, which seems to have much more depth and is basically a copy of the FM Console edition. Are there any plans to create a specific sub for FM Touch as it can be played on mobile devices? The match engine is very different and more complex than FMM, and also has 3D highlights. Thanks!
  2. Welcome to another year of FPL shenanigans. Last year was edition nearly 40 people join the league making it hugely competitive. The title was won by Tim Hampson. If you are new to FPL then head over to the website below and create a team. https://fantasy.premierleague.com This years league can be joined using the link below. https://fantasy.premierleague.com/leagues/auto-join/6xtp3y Good luck
  3. How to make a Super League I have got a lot of questions about this and I am always happy to help people who are interested. Two links first. 1) If you want to edit FMM23, just download @nyongrand's amazing editor. I don't know if he plans an FMM24 one but maybe if you ask nicely. Link 2) For all other hex editing questions, ask in the Hexer thread. I can only make leagues, I don't know how to do anything else and I won't answer questions on anything else. Link Let's get started First, decide what you want to do. You cannot create a league, you can only edit an existing league. The choice matters - for example the Irish league is the easiest one to edit as it only has 20 teams and no relegation from the bottom league, but Ireland has a low reputation so the team budgets will be small. England has a high reputation so your teams will have lots of money, but it has 164 teams and you have to allow for six new clubs every season. Also think about where you want your league to be. You should make a European Super League in a European country. You should make an Asian Super League in an Asian country. This will help ensure the right players and other competitions will be correct. The USA league is hard-wired and you cannot edit it. The Australia League has a scheduling problem and doesn't work. Other leagues I may also not work but I have not tried them all. Remember you cannot change anything about the league format. So if you want to make the Czech league, which has 16 teams, you have to accept that if you base it on the Irish league it will only have 10 teams and play in the summer, or if you base it on the Polish league you will have 18 teams. This is why imaginary Super Leagues work better than real national leagues. What you need First you need to download the vanilla database, which @NguyenDucAnh has shared in his post. This database is for the current version of the game (15.1.2). When the game is updated by SI, this database will no longer work. So if there is an update, either do not update your version of the game or ask Anh politely to share a new vanilla database. The database includes 70 files but we only care about club.dat and competition.dat Second, you need a Hex Editor. I just downloaded one on Android. Once you have the Hex Editor, you need to know how to work it. Use it to open club.dat. A Hex Editor can do many things but all we care about are "string" and "hex fragment". String is the words like "Manchester City" or "Everton". You use them to find the club you want to edit. Hex fragment is the code. In the next post I'll show how to edit things.
  4. As can be roughly guessed, any chance of getting the teams updated, I'm currently managing LAFC and they're not available, I'm guessing there are a load more teams that aren't available too.
  5. So here’s why, of course. Its usually because people aren’t interested or I don’t enjoy doing it as much as I think I would. But now because of that I’ve been hated on the site, despite only being here for a week. I’m thinking of quitting the site. But if you guys have any ideas for what I should do, or reasons why people aren’t very interested. -TheBluePrince
  6. As we come to the end of another FMM game the time has come for our annual vibe awards where you can show some love to members, content and more that you have enjoyed throughout the lifespan of FMM2020. Next weekend will see @FuddledFox and @Rob present a “lavish” awards ceremony to the winners in each category but first we need everyone’s help who has contributed throughout the year to come up with the nominations in each category. This year’s categories are: Best Career Best Article Best Community Event Best Head to Head Best Member (Overall) Best Newcomer Biggest Fail So don’t be shy and anything you have enjoyed this year make sure you nominate. This process will last until Wednesday when the voting will commence. There is no limit to how many nominations you make but they will be trimmed before Wednesday so we can get a reasonable number of nominations for each category. Obviously you can not nominate yourself or any of your content as that would completely defeat the object. We have had a good turnout the past few years for this so hopefully that can continue. Here is a link to last year’s awards. Please make sure you nominate VIA PM sent to me. I will reply to any nominations that are sent to me so you know I will have received them and if I don’t then please send them again. You have until Tuesday night to send them so just over 48 hours. Thanks
  7. Hey guys I'm trying to put custom colour to my profile but it does not seems to be working This should be the colour pink Can somebody explain why it won't work for me?
  8. I’ve thought about this as whenever you’re in a football stadium, either a big or a small stadium there’s lots of other women there, so there’s many of us into football. However on this forum, maybe about 2 or 3 of us in history have been here and played FMM lol. Mobile version may not be as popular as the full fat, but those who have stumbled across it, perhaps the price (it may sound a lot to an outsider for an app/game) puts them off, or the fact it’s a lot more in depth and requires a lot of thinking compared to the other silly quick games on the App Store lol. However football and gaming has grown a lot, so I think it’d be cool if even a couple or few girls played FMM, and signed up to here
  9. Hey Vibe! I've got a very large scale project in the works that (hopefully) you guys will find rather enjoyable. It's going to take me a good few weeks to write, check and things like that, however it won't work without your guys help. Basically, im asking you guys to do me a favour. In short, I need you guys to PM me telling me about certain scenarios from your FMM18 experience. You can pick any of the scenarios to tell me about, even more than one if you'd like, but I will need a bit of evidence if you don't mind. Practically im going to ask you a few questions about your experience from that scenario, as your quotes may or may not make it into the final piece. It's a huge project and I really can't do it without your guys help, so I'd really appreciate if you could give me a hand with this. The project will be brought to Vibe in mid-to-late August (I know that's ages away don't worry ) and will include as many of your quotes as I can fit in, which will likely be a lot considering the project is 9 or so chapters. So, below are the scenarios, if any of them bare interesting stories I'd love to hear them, and if you could take a short amount of time to answer some questions regarding them, I would be very grateful. Thank you all for your help! 1. Success With Big Clubs ( Winning Titles, Big Money Transfers etc....) 2. Success With Smaller Clubs ( Winning Titles/Promotion) 3. Failure Stories ( Being Sacked, Failing A Challenge, Underwhelming Signing etc....) 4. Man Management Struggles ( Struggling To Adhere To Player Demands, Players Not Fitting Tactics, Training etc....) 5. Youth Stories ( Wonderkids Who Have Flopped Or Turned Out Great, Promoted Youth Players, Youth Transfer Policy etc....) 6. Loyalty ( Stories Of If You've Been Particularly Loyal Or Unloyal In Your Career, Same For Players etc....) 7. Back To Reality ( How FMM Has Effected Your Real Life, Events Or Stories etc....) Anything else you guys could think of would be very helpful! Remember every example or story is helpful so don't hesitate to PM me. Thanks for reading!
  10. Hi, after some advice on the “reacting to posts” button. I can see it used on some posts with a Heart or Smiley. Is there a Vibe style on how these are used and when?
  11. Every year we have people on here asking for someone to share there App Store with them so they can buy the game or asking for a save game file so they can get around the fact that illegal downloaded versions don’t have the real player names. This is common sense of course but... NEVER SHARE YOUR APPSTORE WITH ANYONE If you are asked for a save game file over PM then please report that PM using the report reply button as per this picture. If you wonder why we don’t support piracy at vibe this article may enlighten you and the 2nd article may help if you are struggling to download the game in your country. Cheers
  12. We are delighted to announce that after the great response the first time that we are opening up our staff roles to the public again. Roles available Writer Graphic Designer Game Editor Social Media Assistant Advantages of working for us Paid for your views Free copies of the game (after 6 months) Learn from passionate people to gain vital experience for your future career Help and entertain other passionate fans Get close to Sports Interactive staff working on the game We look forward to reviewing your application if you decide to apply. Apply Here
  13. Get 50% off Premium Accounts for the holidays with code "FMMAS". Now you can get exclusive content, faster downloads and no waiting time for less to set you up for the month, year or forever. BUY HERE Use code at checkout: FMMAS
  14. Today we are excited to announce some changes to the site. Firstly we are thrilled to have @JustM1kePlays as an admin to help oversee these. However sadly @Ashez, @HashtagTatica and @UKFootballScore have all stepped down. We thank them for their hard work over the last few years. It has been very much appreciated. Now onto the better news, we have jobs available in the wake of Football Manager Mobile 2017 coming out. As part of our changes we are going to be offering a Pay Per Views scheme for all staff members where you get rewarded for your content AND offer the game and all DLC for free in order to thank you for your work. This is a great opportunity and a step into the industry you wish to go into. This has been common from our staff members and is a great opportunity to distinguish yourself from a crowd doing something you love. We have roles in the following: Writer Graphic Designer Database Editor Web Developer Social Media Assistant If one of these appeals to you then please see all details as well as the links to apply here. We look forward to seeing all the applications and getting to work with you. Thanks, Vibe.Community Staff
  15. I didn't get any of my 3 new awards/ badgets. Why is this happening ? Regards Jason
  16. Is somehow can't press on the Button to go on the Left, at Featured on Vibe. any idea why this is happening ?
  17. Vibe In 2015 Vibe has made huge progress this year and I'm going to show you how it has improved. The introduction of Vibe 3.0 was an amazing moment for the vibe community. Vibe got renamed and got lots more stuff added. Lets have a look... Levelling Up! The introduction of levelling up is really cool! Every favourite someone casts as well as topics and content helps somebody get to a better level quicker. The higher level you are the more crucial it is to get favourites as it partially depends on then to get to the next level. Rating 10/10 "It is more interesting with the new colours and levels to work towards" New Design Personally i love the new design but it really depends on how you like it. It feels neat and looks lovely. Rating 9/10 "Looks awesome but the only thing that I'm not to big a fan of is the bit where you can look at to access FMM Chat where it is black. Personally i would prefer a more brighter colour." Personalise Personalise the little g bit with the profile when you make a post is perfect for me it looks tidy. It is brilliant and flawless in my opinion. Rating 10/10 Store Vibes new store where you can purchase FM16, Fifa etc. Is great. Prices are great and its worth buying from there. Rating 9/10 "Great store and prices but could do with a few more items." Awards Awards is an awesome feature that makes posting content more rewardable and fun. Rating 10/10 "I love awards!!" The Community The vibe community has grown massively this year. We have had lots of new people who have been successful as well as some legends being successful too. Vibe us growing and I urge you to join the community ASAP if you haven't already as it is fun to make content with people and everyone is so friendly on vibe. Overall vibe got 48/50 points and is the best community and fansite for FMH/FMM. I would like to here what you guys favourite new feature on vibe is and if you think I've missed something out that you want me to put in the post just tell me. Thanks for reading and have fun on vibe!
  18. INTRODUCING... VIBE.COMMUNITY Hello Vibers, It is with my pleasure to introduce a new era and the start of something big. As you may know by now we have been working on the site tirelessly and have introduced many new features to the site. You may also know that Sports Interactive rebranded Football Manager Handheld to Football Manager Mobile. After this as a site we knew a name change was needed. After listening to your feedback and analysing the market we have come up with a name. I am excited today to bring to you our new name - Vibe.Community and along with it our new URL http://vibe.community. We won't go into details about why we picked this but we are very happy with our choice and are looking forward to creating under our new brand. To go with the new name we also have a new logo and while he (or she) may not have a name yet our parrot will be a recognisable and memorable representation of our website. Kind Regards, Vibe.Community
  19. Hi, A few months ago we announced a vote for the best ever FMH players for a XI. Today I can announced that this has now closed. After a staggering 158 votes we can now reveal the FMH Best XI as voted by you was.... Thank you all for voting. We hope you enjoyed it. Kind Regards, FMHVibe Staff
  20. Why does it say I can't post pictures anymore because i have used the max total size,what does that mean?How can i post pictures again
  21. Just you going to offer my idea to see If anyone is interested. Like some members have pointed out, FMH Vibe has been slowing down recently. There is a notable lack of new content and I was thinking: maybe we can do something about this. Part of the problem is the lack of motivation to create new stuff. So why not do it as a group. It doesn't have to be a big group 4 or 5 members tops. but we do it together. we share ideas, we divide the work, and we help each other. If you are interested in joining this group please leave a comment below. Only do it if you think you can stick with the cause and you will be committed. Any ideas for the group are welcomed.
  22. hi everyone over the past few weeks I have started to notice that Vibe has been less and less busy,it just seems that everyone is solely interested in doing Interactive games which they are all great but for me there hasn't been loads of quality careers like their has been previously(that is not a stab at anyone's careers by the way),I have seen other people create content trying to inspire people but it's been very lacklustre if I'm totally honest. I hope no one gets offended by this weather your a coach or a member it's just how I feel,I have sometimes checked Vibe at 5am and then checked at say 4pm and there hasn't been much activity. So what does everyone reckon do.you disagree or agree??
  23. Adding pictures and/or to your content, your post may be important and may make your post look better. Therefore I advise you some websites that are useful to upload pictures (of course there are many others). Noelshack (the best to my mind. + : quick and no registration needed) Xooimage Imageshack Hostingpics Then copy the url of the picture, click on "image button" on Vibe and paste the url. You can also load pictures from your gallery on FMHVibe.
  24. Monster Hunter 4 Demo Give Away! Nintendo emailed me last week and gave me three exclusive demo codes for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate! As I've got no one to give them to I've decided to give them away on Vibe, to be in for a chance of winning one of the codes all you have to do is post some content on Vibe and post here so I know to consider it. By content I'm after articles, guides, save game challenges and things of that nature, if you have any questions just ask. The code is from a European account but I have no idea if they are region locked. The deadline will be Monday the 26th of January Good luck lads
  25. The FMHVibe Unofficial Personal Awards For 2014: Dec has ran and posted The Official Awards For 2014 recently which got me thinking about having an unofficial personal awards thread. The idea of this thread is to say a final good bye to 2014 by judging your own work on the site within the last year. As this is unofficial you will get no awards for this and it's mainly for a bit of fun and to allow us to discuss how we felt each of us got on over the previous year. Obviously with this being a personal awards thread the idea is you rate your own work and others can discuss it if they wish or they can post how they felt they got on. What you are discussing must be on Vibe, no personal saves or work outside of Vibe is allowed and the work must be new for 2014. Subjects: Article/Content: Tactic: Career: Challenge: Download - File: Skin: Myclub: Save: Iscout: Shortlist: Free Free To Add Your Own Ashez's Personal Awards: Article/Content: Youth Development - The Best Method? Tactic: N/A Career: Goal Challenge Inception Challenge: Transfer Cup Download - File: N/A Skin: N/A Myclub: In Istanbul - LFC 2005 Save: Transfer Cup Iscout: N/A Shortlist: Sweet 16 Strikers So what do you think about how i've rated my work and how do you guys rate yourselves?
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