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PriZe presents: Beating the 1000 goal challenge guide

PriZe presents: Beating the 1000 goal challenge guide


Hi all and welcome to The 1000 goal challenge guide, one of the most attempted challenges on Vibe but often failed challenge. With this guide (a revamp of @Ashez and @Sunny their guide )i hope to help you achieve glory and get your name on the leaderboard!  Forgot how the challenge works? Then have a look @danovic78 explanation 1000 goal challenge post

Now let’s get cracking!

The chosen one


One of the most important decisions you are going to make before you even have started is your striker. Finding and picking the next Messi, Pele, Ronaldo might seem easy, but as you will learn in this guide there are many things you want to keep in mind. And believe me, finding that right player can be pretty frustrating! As the striker is at the core of the career, picking your striker first before everything else is highly recommended. With starting reputation being a thing in FMM now, keep in mind that although you have fallen in love with your to be Messi, he might not want to join you unless he get’s a significant boost in wages. 

Keep in mind, you are free to use that tasty Messi regen, but his results won’t count for the official leaderboard.



The attributes of your future star are key! You might wanna start with a youngster or pick a more arrived player but they all have one thing in common, the core attributes should be good or have potential. You don’t want to get this wrong otherwise your 1000 goal challenge experience may turn in to a grind. Two things i suggest, when selecting a player, you should feel some sort of a connection with the lad, you are going to spend 10+seasons with him. Also, worried about the youngster his potential? Scout him before buying to see if he has potential to improve a lot.

So what do i look at? To help you take a look at the player roles and attributes in the FMM18: from A to Z beginners guide  

But here are some stats you should be looking at.


Can i get a duhuh? :) i don’t think this needs any further explanation.


I am like a broken record, as i will always point this out, but good Aerial stats will grant you more goals. Now good aerial heading isn't necessary if  you have a pacey striker who can dribble, but this will give you at least 10+ goals per season.


Strength comes in handy when you are planning to play a lone striker, but is secondary. It helps, look at Ronaldo, but then again it’s not like Messi is a hercules.


You want to give the defenders a good look at the number on your back, so pace is important to breakthrough the defence.

Dribbling and Technique:

You want to have some aces up your sleeve and just relying on pace, aerial and shooting stats is tricky. Having good technique an dribbling stats will make your striker more lethal and effective, so go show them Brazilian samba moves!


Like aerial attributes a lot of people forget how important decisions attributes is. You might get only 3 shots at a goal, and you want your striker to make the right decision every time.


Being in the right place in the right time. Sounds logical right? Well this attribute makes sure your striker will be where he needs to be to react and score.


More time on the pitch equals more possibilities to get a shot at goal. You want to maximise the amount of time your striker spends on the pitch so this is a very important attribute.


Teamwork when i want my striker to score a 1000 goals? Yes, this is important, because instead of having a high number here, you want your striker to be selfish. So teamwork attribute is important for the flow, but around 10’ish isn’t a problem and in my opinion even better then 15.



Age is an essential element you need to factor in your decision. The younger they are, the slower you typically will start due to them still need to mature, the older they are a higher chance of them staring of smashing it due to being in their prime. But they are also closer to retirement, and after the big 30, you need some luck to make it past 35. So let’s do some math:

  • 1000/20= 50 goals per season
  • 1000/15= 66 goals per season
  • 1000/10= 100 goals per season

Now based on the above you could say the younger your striker the better. Well from a numbers perspective yes, but keep in mind young players need to develop. They might not have the right stats from the get go so a slow start in the wrong league, even with those extra years can bite you in the buttocks. Next to that, playing a young striker too much can risk you burning him out and result in never seeing him peak.

Personally if you know what your are doing everything between 16 - 24 ish and you should be safe from an age perspective. Where the higher the age the more challenging it will be as a injury might mean you will lose a season. Then again, FMM 18 is a bit more goal heavy so you might want to try your luck!

To keep your player fit at a young but certainly at an older age keep track of his form, condition and even his moral. If you notice a decline in his performance, it may be due to him being jaded and he may need a break.

Starting your Road to Glory

Picking the right league


The league you chose will definitely have impact on your attempt. So her are somethings you need to keep in mind.

First of all, are you buying or is your player at the club? If you are buying, make sure you chosen club either has the necessary transferbudget or some players you can sell. If not, pick a different club!

Moving from club to club to league to league will added an extra dynamic to your attempt, but keep in mind that the better your striker becomes the more expensive he will become. So starting in an easy league might be fun, but can you keep your player happy or do you need to move to a bigger club and competition?

Now this as said FMM seems a bit goal heavy, but keep in mind that some leagues are harder to score in then others. Portugal and Spain are known for good goalscoring where as the Italian and German league are more difficult. If this is your first attempt, i would suggest picking a league like Portugal or Spain.

Last but not least, check out the amount of games you can play in a season. The more games means more opportunities to score, but it also means more fitness management. Just don’t make that mistake of counting on 60+ games where you end up with just 50 ish in the German and Dutch league.

Manager nationality


Not everybody knows this, but the goals scored under your international management count towards your total. And this can be the difference between failing or succeeding as the majority of the games you will play are relatively easy.

Nations have a tendency to pick a manager that has the countries nationality so make sure you have the same nationality as your striker. I had to find out the hard way 7 seasons in to a save where i knew i need the international goals to even stand a chance at making a 1000 goals.

As said this will help you achieve your goal but isn’t a must. And due to license reasons not every country can be managed, SI you reading this? get us Germany!. Want to use a player who you can’t manage internationally? No worries, just keep in mind you might want him to be a bit younger then you initially intended to make up for the lost international goals.

Picking a club


Ok so by now you have a striker in mind and a league in mind, all that is left is picking the right club! All set right? Well no, picking the right club is important. So what should pass through your mind?

  • You need to be able to buy the player, so you should either have sufficient funds or should be able to make the funds by selling players
  • Your chosen striker should want to move to your club, don’t expect Neymar to move to PSV
  • Can you afford his wage? A trick to be afford the absurd wages is to build up a transferbudget, offer for the player, and the moment you can offer a contract, put the transferbudget in to your wage budget. 
  • Make sure your club can fight for the cups and title as this will keep your striker happy
  • Enough squad depth and decent players? Your striker needs a supporting cast so make sure the team is in decent shape

That being said, no you don’t have to start with PSG or Manchester City. Watford and Torino are great as well, but just harder.

Staff selection


Keeping your team healthy, fit and improving them is important. So having a good staff is essential. Depending on your training facilities you will have loads of staff already at the club.  The goal is to get as high rated staff as possible, in this case gold. First off, check if the staff is balanced. If you have the maximum spot for coaches, then try and get attacking, defending, general, fitness. Use your skill for what you find important, for instance youth. With this your coaches are covered.  If you haven't maxed out staff, i advise to have coaches based on the amount of players using a training. So is defensive, general and attacking your main training. Try and get that first.

Next to that i would advise you to have two prevention physios and one rehab physio. Better to prevent injuries then fixing them :)

The formation


So let’s apply some simple logic, you are trying to get a 1000 goals with one striker, so always choose a 1-striker formation. A partner upfront might be tempting, and you might thing 20 goals per season for the partner whats that, well that’s 200 goals in 10 years. 

Dominating the opponent will be crucial, as you want to pressure them and attack and attack and attack. I recommend using either a 4 ATB with wing backs or a 3 ATB formation with enough players in the midfield and on the wing. Why? well as we all know, the midfield is key to winning the battle, and with 3 ATB you are a bit vulnerable. So win that midfield battle!

Mentality i would go contain / attacking from the get go. Anything else doesn’t add to your goal and playing overload all the time might lead to unnecessary loses. Passing is up to you. I prefer short as this gives a bit more controle but direct is more adventurous and will increase the chance of quick counter play.

For the striker i would recommend only two roles, Poacher or Advanced forward. Where in FMM 18 i can advise you to use Advanced Forward to start with and when you players is getting older and slower you go for Poacher. From the testing i did both have their pro’s and con’s :)

Don’t forget to set your Messi wannabe on Freekick and penalty duty! Easy goals even if Freekicks aren’t his main thing. 

Last tip, think twice which roles you have around your striker. Yes using Inside forward may result in more wins, but keep your eye on the goal and thats a 1000 goals for your man. So setup the roles so that they support your lad. Also keep a lookout on teamwork stats. This will definitely impact how your team member behave. I would suggest using only players that have an team work attribute of 13 and higher and not lower.

Board request


Board request? Huh? Yeah my reaction as well. This is an excellent suggestion from the old guide, and to be honest something i did without thinking, but can have a positive impact on your career. During the save you either get notified the board owns you one, or if you have been performing well you can ask your self to make an adjustment to the club (i always do it at the end of the season). Depending on what you need at that time i would advise you to focus on two things. Training facilities, the better they are the better your player will get and will reduce injuries or Wage budget. Assuming you are creating the new Messi at a smaller club you want him to stay happy, so slapping a big fat contract in front of his face will help!


Well that’s it for the guide! Hope you enjoyed it and good luck on smashing that 1000 goal target! If you still have questions don’t think twice and either post it here or send me a PM.

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2 hours ago, Ashez said:

Excellent work mate! I'm sure this will help a lot of people :) 

Thanks! :)

1 hour ago, UKFootballScore said:

Awesome read Buddy

Never completed a 1kc! Could this be the year 

Wait what never? :O well let 18 be the FMM edition you do :D

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3 hours ago, olayinkajnr said:

Never attempted a 1kc challenge. Because it looks impossible to me but with this guide, I'm definitely gonna give it a go.


Nice guide btw.

Thanks mate! 1kc is more then doable! Take a shot at it :)

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2 hours ago, PriZe said:

Thanks mate! 1kc is more then doable! Take a shot at it :)

Especially this year. Goals are flowing on EME like its OME. This is the year to try it!

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Have not played consistently since FMH 2014. Looking to get back into the game and hopefully completing this challenge. Cheers for the guide 😁

Edited by Gvicii
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I know I'm too late,

but I really appreciate this tips and also this fmmvibe site.

really helpful make em getting better and better manager

thanks fmmviber!!!!


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