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Career Triple threat attempt - Completed


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I’m just logging this cos the challenge suggested I do. Taff’s 3kc attempt is much better and interesting, so head over there for something far more exciting. I’m taking a break from my Havertz 1kc challenge because it’s becoming monotonous. 

Club selected: PSG. French League is the easiest and the transfer kitty is great. I didn’t realise that you get a fresh renewed budget a month in to the game save in France, which was handy.

Players selected:


Pellegri to play as target, Mbappe as AF, and Geubbels to be poacher. 

Season 1



I pretty much swapped most of the squad. I also got Mensah in the January window. I have a plan and a tactic and wanted people to fit it.


Won both the national cups, but nothing else. It’s to be expected as I changed the squad and tweaked my formation a lot. My champs league group one of death and I got FMMed out of the Europa.


Player performance:


If anyone is still reading (seriously, go and view Taff’s thread instead) Kylian killed it. Neymar ended up playing more than expected due to injury. Pellegri and Geubbels did ok considering age and the fact I tweaked formation all season. 

41+16+11 = 68. 1,432 to go.  Considering their ages, I’m mildly confident.

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Correcting title of challenge
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2 minutes ago, Fii_Nami said:

Didn't realise Pellegri and Geubbels are both under 17!!!

Yep. Geubbels is a stroppy git though. He hates whatever training I put him in. 

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A couple more seasons:



Kylian was injured a fair bit and his stats dropped. I will get back to Geubbels. Pellegri improving slowly.


To date: 68+63=131. Disappointing so far. 



Kylian is growing. Pogba game in and contributed a lot, being my major signing. Pellegri’s inprovement continues. Geubbels spent the past couple of seasons being utterly useless, moaning about EVERYTHING...until about ten games from the end, at which point he decided to not be a whining little twat and actually improve a bit and accept a training schedule.


Life to date: 131+86=217

Mbappe is 21, Pellegri 19, and Geubbels is 18. 1,300 to go. I noticed a real improvement in the latter two towards the end of the season, so over the next few seasons those goal records will (hopefully) improve.

I have just managed to sign Goretzka and Hazard on free transfers, plus spunked most of my saved transfer/wage budget from the past few seasons on Laporte, Stones, and KDB, so my squad is looking infinitely stronger.

Fingers crossed.



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Kylian’s now 26, so here is an update:


About 670 or so if you remove Kylian’s 16 at Monaco.

Been a bit of a weird one. Never tried 3 forwards before nor really used the EME engine, so it’s been a bit of a learning experience for me. Plus Geubbels moans about everything, especially when I try and train up how physicals.

It’ll be touch and go if I get the 1.5kc but I reckon I’ve tweaked enough now that they’ve got the best chance possible.


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A good season and everything looking smart. I wish I could start again, as I reckon I’ve nailed the tactic. This season:


Their stats to date:


185+140+456=781. 719 to go. That’s seven good seasons. Kylian is 27. Hrmmmm...

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Two more seasons (I will make my next challenge attempt more fun to read):


89, so a bit of a drop due to nightly injuries and their attributes dropping for a bit.


123 this time.

89+123=212 extra over these two.

Add that to my LTD (781) and that is 993. 507 to go.

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I love Guebbels!

I use intensive attack on him but drop everything by 1....seems to work and he stops moaning.

Kiu dude. You should do this no problem.

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So I have three more seasons until Mbappe retires at the end of his contract. Here’s where I currently am:



(removing 16 Mbappe did at Monaco)

Should do it this upcoming season.

I seem to be averaging 110 a season, with Kylian grabbing the majority of them. That boy is a legend. 

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54 minutes ago, Ashez said:

The end is near :). Any chance of squeezing the 1k out of Mbappe?

70+ goals a season for three seasons from a 33 year old. That’ll be tough, but I shall try!!!

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Well that’s the challenge passed. I’ll see it through until Kylian retires in two seasons time. A crap injured-destroyed season led to eighty odd goals that took me past the point. 


I will post the final totals for the leaderboard once done.

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Completed as Kylian’s about to retire. Final totals:

(I’ve screengrabbed the bottom of each goal profile to show previous goals to discard)


446 for Pellegri. Solid.


Geubbels got 338. Disappointing and my biggest lesson learnt - poacher isn’t as good in EME!


889 for Mbappe.

1,673 in total using EME and post-update. 

@danovic78 please add me to the leaderboard. Out of interest, can I submit Mbappe and Pellegri for the Double Trouble using this save too? If so, they came to 1,335 goals and 494 assists. Happy to send save file if needed.

I’m half-tempted to try this again, but with my fave club Spurs now I’ve got a tactic that works and combine it with the Triple Threat Assists challenge and do a detailed career. It’s an addictive one. 

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Shame Mbappé couldn't get the 1k-cherry on top but wonderful stuff anyway. Good totals for the boys, and agree re Poacher it isn't as good as previous years. 

18 seasons is no joke, takes a big chunk of dedication just to complete it so massive congrats to you (y)

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Awesome save to follow mate, really impressed. 

It's good that you identify your mistakes and maybe using the Poacher was one, but I'm sure you'll learn and come back stronger next time.

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Cheers guys. Kylian got injured a lot in the last few seasons, which was a shame. I’m going to try Vinicious in his role in my Spurs attempt as he’s a lot cheaper!


One thing that did annoy me was the transfer bug, especially towards the end. Near enough every world class player I went for got locked in the transfer process and never progressed, which was frustrating. 

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