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Career Strikerless With Sunderland [One-Season Strikerless]

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The One-Season Strikerless Challenge has taken me to Turkey and China, but for FMM20 it's time to leave illiberalism behind and manage Sunderland. SAFC were an easy one-season detour - they are the obvious big fish in small pond, but the long season and poor prior management intensifies the challenge ahead. Sunderland's O'Nien is also family to one of Singapore's founding fathers, which is incredibly cool.

The Main Men




The Ghost of Sunderland Past is Duncan Watmore, locally born and bred and a stark reminder of the Premier League days.


The Ghost of Sunderland Present is Chris Maguire, whose dead-ball abilities will be crucial.


The Ghost of Sunderland To Come is Hallur Hansson. The Faroese brings passion and looks like a good choice already.


Other Transfers




As with most of my saves, major upheaval took place. Several of the original playing staff looked off the pace, even for League One. Also Will Grigg (strangely absent) went to Oxford, with Baptiste coming in exchange.



Recruitment is always overpowered in FMM. With several Champions League players joining our cause, there are no excuses for struggling.



The Tactic



The cliched 4-3-3 is the way forward. With the long season in mind, we favoured a medium block, in lieu of hard pressing.



Challenge Results 

League Points and Goal Difference




It's nice to go unbeaten, but I'm no fan of the 13 draws. Would have preferred to score more too, but defensive solidity seems to be the meta.


League Score: 106 + 62 = 168




Main Men's Goals and Assists


Watmore fell behind in the early going, but no need to fret as he improved in the latter stages.

Score: 19 + 12 = 31


Maguire's good fortune meant he stayed injury-free. Unplayable for much of the season.

Score: 30 + 18 = 48


A serious injury impeded Hansson, but he remains a bargain that all lower league teamhould be looking at.

Score: 14 + 10 = 24


Player Score: 31 + 48 + 24 = 103






Wonderkid Jude Bellingham wins us the FA Trophy. It's good to instill a winning culture at Sunderland.




Fell to Premier League opposition in the other Cups. The Bournemouth loss was tough as the replay was wedged between two key fixtures, so the reserves made the long journey down south.


Challenge Score


168 + 103 = 271

It's anathema to Newcastle fans, but I'd recommend Sunderland for FMM20.

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Congrats. That's a pretty decent score considering the team and players. 

I made an attempt to this yesterday but failed. Meaning I wasn't happy with my formation so I threw in the towel halfway through. It's something I've been struggling with tbh to come up with a solid strikerless formation. Positive was I only conceded 1 goal in 20 La Liga games but wasn't top at the other end. 

I may try lower league as well. 

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