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Career Rob tries the Race to 100 Challenge - Season One


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Created by @BatiGoal, re-posted by @Foxy, the Race to 100 is a really fun shortish challenge. It’s simple - you take a youngster who has not scored any goals yet and try to get them to 100 the quickest time possible. 

For this I wanted to use an English player in a kind of trial run for a future career I want to try, so I’m using Morgan Rogers.


Signed by City for £4m from WBA, he has no goals yet.


I am playing as City because, well... City.

The coach report says his natural position is AMC, but I am using him as a striker. His lack of aerial presence concerned me at first, but he has a lot of potential to improve and likes the big games which is kinda neat.


The other thing I do want to add is that I am using a front three in this challenge as a kinda experiment. Can scoring loads as a team rather than focusing on just one player cause the centralised player to smash goals in too? As logic dictates, it should be a by-product and in Strikerless challenges usually works. The front three generally looks like this:


Thanks for reading!

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27 minutes ago, Gandalf said:

Goodluck Rob!!! 

Thanks Gandy.

2 minutes ago, BatiGoal said:

That's a nice looking 16yo. Definitely getting 100 gls before his twentieth Bday. Goodluck! 

Yeah, he looks decent. He does improve well too, which is a bit of a spoiler. A great little challenge though.

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Good luck rob, promising looking player! Nice challenge and one you could extend to a 1k or more perhaps if it goes well. 

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I’ve came across him a few times on saves and he’s usually a top player a few years in. It’ll be nice to see how he gets on in a challenge. Good luck. 

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Season One

We are at 47 of the 100 goals needed. If you are still interested in any more details, read on; if not, then the next season will be posted soon. Decent return, especially considering he plays in a front three.


Still here? Awesome. Rogers looked like this at the end of the season.


I look at that and whilst he had green in loads of vital areas, especially the physicals, the 6 in positioning really rattled my cage. Unreasonably so, actually.

Transfers buried in here:



The loss of key wage earners helped, along with the obvious transfer revenue. I basically purchased Liverpool’s central defence and strengthened areas, as well as deepening the squad.

We won most stuff...


...and Rogers got some good goal hauls. These two being my favourites:


Season 2 to follow soon, hopefully. Thanks for reading!

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Brilliant season @Rob, how did you get his Ariel from 8 to 16 in 1 season, usually some can take 2 or 3 seasons or not at all with some players?

Anyway, good start to your challenge, 2 seasons will be enough, done!!!! congrats

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2 hours ago, Woody said:

At 17 that is a cracking 1st season bud.

Thanks Woodster. I think you may have already completed it at this age last season though.

2 hours ago, Titjes said:

Superb season with a 17 yo mate, KIU 😉

Cheers Big Tits.

2 hours ago, Ian said:

Brilliant season and some quality transfer action going on.

Ta Ian. I get addicted to Atletico Madrid buyout clauses.

47 minutes ago, Cockers2505 said:

Brilliant season @Rob, how did you get his Ariel from 8 to 16 in 1 season, usually some can take 2 or 3 seasons or not at all with some players?

Anyway, good start to your challenge, 2 seasons will be enough, done!!!! congrats

I do the same as a lot on here: train as a target man and focus on aerial. Doesn’t always work. Thanks too.

16 minutes ago, Kanegan said:

47 goals at 17 years?? Cracking start mate.

Yeah, good start. It’s a chaotic tactic though 🤣

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Pre-Season Update

I’m going to go on a mini-rant here. I was going to put this in the season two update, but wanted to keep it separate.

Basically, I got the England job, which I thought would be fun, in the summer following season one.


However, it was utterly pointless. As some already know, the game has a massive bug, which I’ve reported elsewhere, that basically means any (talented) player younger than 21 plays in both the u21 games AND main international games. This meant that when it came to playing Rogers in the first team games he often started with conditioning in the late seventies/early eighties. This obviously rendered the international games pointless. Needless to say, I quit.

Sometimes this game does my head in.

Season Two to follow soon.

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Season Two...the end

Without beating around the bush, the 100 target was achieved this season.  


18 years, 9 months, and 6 days.

I finished the season and he grabbed a fairly decent 62 goals.


So, yeah, that’s it. Bit of a boring one this career, but it did the job.

Thanks for reading and thanks to @BatiGoal for the fun challenge.

Other screenshots:




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11 minutes ago, Kanegan said:

Good job mate. 

Thanks mate, much appreciated. Although it’s a simple career compared to your mind-bender.

7 minutes ago, Kun Aguero said:

Great job, no plans in making this a 1k? 😉

I am tempted to the point of seeing if the tactic will see us through to a 1k. Thanks mate

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2 hours ago, BatiGoal said:

Congrats. Good score. Will add you to the leaderboard 👍 


2 hours ago, Ian said:

Nicely done Rob, I agree with others that there’s definitely much more to come from Rogers but you will have also thought of that too I’m sure.


1 hour ago, Foxy said:

No messing!!!

Excellent score mate.

Cheers fellas.

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