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Career Rich heads to Portsmouth


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Hello and welcome to my latest career in which I will be managing Portsmouth for a season and trying my best to replicate the wheeling dealing son of a gun Harry Redknapp, you can find this great challenge here:


So yeah my name is Richard Redknapp, Harry Redknapp’s other good looking son. I’m looking forward to wheeling and dealing as building my squad and tactic is my favourite part of FMM. I’ll be trying my triple threat tactic for this, so things could possibly go very wrong as it’s so attacking.

Anyway I hope to get my 3rd badge soon to my make my family proud.

Thank you for reading and see you soon 😁

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I know it’s a loss in the end, but the amount of shots and perfomance is very promising, my second team as well 😁

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On 09/12/2020 at 23:09, broodje kip said:

Great Carabao cup run Dick

Thank you little shit!


5 hours ago, Scratch said:

Good luck. If you can make a super attacking tactic work (and I'm thinking you can), you'll score BIG here...

Thanks Scratch, yeah to be honest, I’ve done little changes to a tactic I’ve had for last few years and it’s working a treat. I’ve got so many games on the go at the moment, hope I can finish this today 🤣


1 hour ago, Rob said:

Good luck!

Thank you Robney! 

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3 hours ago, darlingtonvii said:

Good luck

Thanks mate!


4 minutes ago, ScottishFMM said:

Good luck Richy Rich

Thank you Sir, just finished so will update now 😁

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The First and Final Season

Hello there and welcome to my attempt at getting my 3rd badge. Firstly I would like to say I was going to use my Triple Threat Tactic but I decided it wasn’t attacking enough in the end and changed things a bit. Gotta say I really enjoyed this one as you will find out.




So I have to say I don’t think I’ve ever been happier with transfer business in one window, our team was filled with players probably either too good for this league or players that would excel. Really took advantage of Scotland, I love buying from there and it continued on this years version.




So this is the tactic I went with all season and it’s so much fun, if you want to use it, I’ve posted the tactic, just search goal bonanza to use it.

Papa Johns



So I actually had no interest in this, I actually didn’t care but we still won it, the final was a goal bonanza 😁

Carabao Cup



So we had won 3 games before this to get here and we’re unlucky to lose to the best team in the world in Newcastle, the extra games were not good for injuries though.

FA Cup



So yeah we had another cup run but the amount of injuries we were getting was not good, luckily I stocked up on lots of players. We played great against championship teams and scored loads of goals. Was a bit gutted in the end to lose in the quarters cause we could have gone to Wembley again.

League 1



So what a season, filled with goals, over 200 goals in my league games, I had a season last year with Portsmouth and it was very similar. I wish i would have used this tactic with Wrexham now. So many goals for so many players, it was madness! Like I said previously I’ve posted this tactic, would love for people to have a go with it.

Manager Profile



Not the healthiest looking manager profile but was always going to happen with signings so many foreign freebies.

Standout Players and Squad Stats



So some good players in there who would have done great in the championship, along with them Lewis Ferguson, Stevie Mallan, Allan Campbell and so on. As you can see so many goals shared out with 10 players getting at least 10 goals.


League 1 Points - 129

League 1 G/D - 91

Total - 220

Happy with the score and I get my third badge. That update felt like a long one, sorry if I bored anyone 🤣

Thank you ever so much for reading.

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2 hours ago, Jsavfc said:

Thats a monster score, will take some beating! Well done mate. 

Thanks mate, I think the key to this challenge may just be go all out attack 🤣

2 hours ago, ScottishFMM said:

UNBELIVABLE JEFF. I notice those Hibees too😀! Very good work Mr Rich

I always get players from Scotland, they improve so much so fast! Thank you mate 

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17 hours ago, Ian said:

Brilliant season Richard, goals galore. Well done.

Cheers Ian, was a fun season thats for sure 😁

15 hours ago, Raven9 said:

Well done. Definitely gonna try the tactic, when I have completed my 1 k try (hopefully)

Thanks mate, hope you enjoy it😁

10 hours ago, broodje kip said:

Man.... That score! E83BD67D-EB0A-4187-8665-1B750C1E693D.jpeg.99cb09f21e90059f834187dd55c382fc.jpeg

If Donald says it, they must stop the count! Cheers Professor😁

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Great stuff, that's a massive score. Disappointed by your lack of commitment though, only loaning Mikey J... I went and bought him outright, no mucking around here! 🤣 

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2 hours ago, Scratch said:

Great stuff, that's a massive score. Disappointed by your lack of commitment though, only loaning Mikey J... I went and bought him outright, no mucking around here! 🤣 

Haha it’s funny I signed him on loan thinking he would play, but he ended up being my 5th choice winger, just don’t tell @broodje kip😁

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2 minutes ago, RichD said:

Haha it’s funny I signed him on loan thinking he would play, but he ended up being my 5th choice winger, just don’t tell @broodje kip😁

5th choice? Who was in front? I'm playing him - he has one of my 2 RW spots. Developing nicely:


Played 12, no goals, 6 assists, averaing 7.16.

I've used him a LOT (because I've played Celtic so much) and sometimes he works out long term, often he doesn't (ie when we are world class). But L1? He gonna own this league...

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Jayden Braaf (Man City) his stats are in a screenshot higher up, he was awesome. Wellington Nem was my best player all season, his stats dropped right at the end because of an injury. Jordan Jones from Rangers joined permanent, so he was only just ahead of him, but I played him more as he was permanent. Then Andre Green, he didn’t start out as a starter for my first or second team but he turned in to my 3rd used winger as his stats improved at lot 😁

Yeah I’ve used Mikey Johnson a lot as well, he should smash it playing every week, he didn’t make hardly any improvements on mine this time. But he got in world team of the year on my Wrexham save in my first season In prem, so he can be lethal for me.... 

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1 hour ago, Kanegan said:

Another great attempt Rich. You have taken this edition by storm so far.

Thanks Kane! Goals just seem to follow me around in the challenges so far 🤣

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