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25 minutes ago, Woody said:

If we lose a play off game is it over or do we carry on?

Oh man bad luck Woody. I was rooting for you :( 

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1 minute ago, George Traistă said:

You just killed @Rich, he was running around the house like crazy, waiting for the results. 🤣

That’s just standard for me, running round the house, I’m not sure who’s house it is though.

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1 minute ago, Rich said:

That’s just standard for me, running round the house, I’m not sure who’s house it is though.

you will find out when the police will come, just pray is not a kindergarten... pedo 🤣 

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7 minutes ago, samhardy said:

When was the last time you said that, during the war?

Results will be tomorrow ;)

The crazy thing is.....i have no hair 😉

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Vibe Premier League 2021, Week 7 Results

It’s finally time to reveal the results from week 7 of the VPL and at this stage of the season every win is like gold dust and every result vital. The challenge this week was set up so that we could have a vast array of scores and we certainly got that leading to some exciting and very interesting results. Before we start let’s take a look at the fixtures from this week.


I feel that the best way to reveal these results will be just to take a look at the scores with a brief explanation underneath.

The first match of the week was a massive one for both @George Traistă who needs a win to keep his slim hopes of qualification alive against @smoggy90 who also needs 3 points to arrest his run of bad form.

Attempt 1 - George: FC Edmonton, Smog: Pacific FC

George: WWWWDWW WDWW = 319

Smog: WWDDDW= 91

Great start for George here as he pulls out a near perfect first attempt by winning 6 of his 7 league games and then playing his wildcard straight off the bat, playing all 11 possible games and winning 9 of them. Smog also remained unbeaten throughout the season but unfortunately for him most of them were draws. George takes a huge lead after attempt 1 although Smog does still have his wildcard in the bank as he chose not to use it here.

Attempt 2 - George: Forge FC, Smog: York9 FC

George: WWDWDW= 105

Smog: WDDWW= 66

Another unbeaten run for George builds his points total further but a disaster for Smog as he loses a game in the regular season meaning he is now probably going to need to go 11/11 in attempt 3 to stand a chance of getting anything out of this game. Surely George has the points wrapped up this week!

Attempt 3 - Both HFX Wanderers.

George: WWDDWWW = 119

Smog: WDDWW= 66

It’s a week to forget for Smog as his bad form continues after 2 defeats in regular season matches. What about that from George though as he doesn’t lose a game in the entire challenge and finally gets a win on the board. Sadly for him though the other results didn’t go his way as he started the week 6 points off the top 4 and despite winning he still ends it 6 points off the top 4 and still needing a minor miracle to qualify.

Result: @smoggy90 0-2 @George Traistă

Another big game to take a look at now between @Ian and @Kanegan with just a point and a place separating the pair in the table, a win would be a huge step to securing a spot in the top 4 here.

Attempt 1 - Ian: Cavalry FC, Kane: Pacific FC

Ian: WDWWDWW = 119

Kane: DWDWDWW = 105

Early signs suggest that there is not much between these two which is just what we want to see. Both got through the season unbeaten but are playing it cautiously for now by not risking their wildcard.

Attempt 2 - Both Forge FC

Ian: WWWWDWW = 133


Absolute scenes here!! Ian again goes unbeaten but can’t be tempted into using his wildcard. Some fans were screaming “negative play” but it turns out that the safe move was the way to go as Kane also went unbeaten but exercised his wildcard and all was looking good... until the last game which was not only heartbreak but double heartbreak as he lost a whole heap of points via a penalty shootout! Very unlucky for Kane but that’s just the way it goes I’m afraid and Ian won’t be bothered one bit as he swans into the lead with just one attempt left.

Attempt 3 - Both HFX Wanderers.

Ian: WD= 12

Kane: WWWDW= 65

Not a vintage final attempt from either man here as Ian potentially opened the door for Kane to snatch it late on with a terrible defeat in the 3rd game but Kane suffered another loss himself ending any chances he might have had. It gets worse for Kane as well since not only does he lose the game to Ian but that penalty shootout loss alone is also responsible for him suffering the lowest score of the week and losing a point in the table :O

Result: @Ian 1-0 @Kanegan

Next sees unbeaten Charlie Wyke enthusiast @Rich take on @JamesVilla who is still in the playoff picture but could do with stringing a couple of results together at this stage of the season.

Attempt 1 - Both Pacific FC.

Rich: WDWDWW= 98

Villa: WWDWWW= 112

Solid yet frustrating first attempts for both after suffering 7th game defeats costing them the chance of playing the playoffs. Not much between them though with Villa taking the slight advantage early on.

Attempt 2 - Both Forge FC.

Rich: WWWWWD= 133

Villa: WWWDWDDWWW = 297

More drama as the roles have been reversed completely from the last match! Just like Ian did Rich didn’t take the risk of playing his wildcard whereas his opponent did and Villa’s final match went all the way to penalties! This time the shootout went in favour of Villa and it just shows the fine margins of this competition as that one penalty shootout ended up being the difference between 0 points from the attempt and 297. The risk didn’t pay off for Kane but it did for Villa and this looks to be a massive step towards a crucial victory for him.

Attempt 3 - Both Atletico Ottawa.

Rich: WWWDDW= 98

Villa: WWWWD= 78

Rich doesn’t get the chance to use his wildcard as he loses his 7th game, maybe if he had his time again he would’ve played it in game 2 but Villa did enough in his third attempt to pick up a big win and end Rich’s unbeaten run. The table is continuing to bunch up around the playoff places and these two will both be hoping to be a part of the final stage.

Result: @Rich 1-2 @JamesVilla

And finally the clash between the top two in @broodje kip and @Woody. This was a sensational match as I suppose we should have expected with their league positions so I’ll just let the results do the talking.

Attempt 1 - Both Pacific FC

Broodje: WWDWWWW = 133

Woody: WDWWWW= 112

Good start for both with them playing 7 games each. Woody lost his last so didn’t get the opportunity to play his wildcard whereas Broodje decided against it on this attempt.

Attempt 2 - Both Forge FC

Broodje: WWWWWWW WWWW = 363

Woody: WWWWWWW WWD= 341


Not much I can say about these attempts as they are just sensational. Broodje has now failed to win just one of his opening 18 games with a perfect run and Woody was almost perfect himself drawing just one of the 11 matches. George is the only other person to earn over 300 points from a single attempt but it looks certain that this game is going to end in a thrilling draw unless one of them pulls out a 0 in the last attempt.

Attempt 3 - Both Atletico Ottawa.

Broodje: WWWWWWW = 147

Woody: WDWDWDD = 91

Well it’s safe to say Broodje has been on one this week and no-one was going to get anywhere near him. That is testament to Woody as well though as he has come up against a performance of this quality and still managed to get a point out of it. 

It’s also a bit unlucky for Broodje that after this display he only picks up 2 points! But this was possibly the best match of this year’s VPL so far and the top two at the start of the week remain that way after and despite not being mathematically secure yet it looks likely that both will finish in the top 4.

Result: @broodje kip 3-3 @Woody


Final Scores

  • broodje kip - 643
  • Woody - 544
  • George Traista - 543
  • JamesVilla - 487
  • Rich - 329
  • Ian - 264
  • smoggy90 - 223
  • Kanegan - 170

So well done to all the winners this week and also the Broodje and Woody for that cracking match. Here is how the table looks with just two weeks to go as Broodje overtakes Woody to the top spot but they are both looking good now on 16 points. Rich stays 3rd despite losing his unbeaten record whereas Ian picked up a vital 3 points to consolidate 4th spot.

Villa is the closest challenger to the top 4 after his win over Rich whereas it was a damaging challenge for Smog and Kane who are making it difficult for themselves to progress further now. George finally got his second win but it’s still looking difficult for him after Ian kept the gap between them at 6 points.


@FuddledFox will be previewing next week’s action tomorrow morning and I will be revealing the challenge in the evening.

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9 minutes ago, Rich said:

Gutted I didn’t take a risk now, well done @JamesVilla 😁

To say I was sh**ing a brick on that penalty shoot out would be a understatement ha. 

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Unlucky @Kanegan, I more or less thought all week that I’d lose due to the wildcard. I had Forge down as the team I fancied for the job but I just didn’t feel like my run was strong enough. I think we’d had a scare in one of the games where we were 2-1 down with only 10 minutes to go and managed to pull it back to win but that kind of stuck in my mind. In some ways I felt my run was better with Cavalry even though there was an extra draw, certainly felt more safe with them. 

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1 hour ago, Kanegan said:

Well done @George Traistă. It was real unlucky for me as after a comeback 3-3 draw, we couldn't find another goal and shootout was a bust. 

Don't worry Kane, you just need a week against me and will get the best score, right 😂

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This week will be make or break for a few people’s hopes of a playoff place whilst some will be looking to cement top spot and avoid having the extra challenges in the quarter and/or semi finals.

This is the fixtures for the week.


@Rich v  @Ian 

This match could be a “dress rehearsal” for a playoff match potentially the quarterfinals and both competitors will be determined to lay down a marker along with securing a playoff place with a win. Rich suffered his first loss last week and I think that will have hurt him but Ian can never be underestimated and I fancy a draw in this match.

Rich win: 10/11

Ian win: 10/11

@Woody v @smoggy90

Smoggy is on a poor run at the moment sitting bottom of the form table with 3 consecutive loses. Woody on the other hand is looking very secure in the playoff places and will be looking at the top spot that will secure a place straight into the final. I think Woody will continue his form and get another win here.

Woody win: 1/2

Smoggy win: 11/8

@JamesVilla v @broodje kip

Like Woody Broodje is looking very secure in the playoff spots and will want to win the league stage next week. James got a famous win last week against Rich and will be in buoyant mood as he is now just 2pts off the top 4. I think James will continue his winning form and throw a 🔧 into the Kip works.

Jamesvilla win: 7/4

Broodje Kip win: 4/9

@George Traistă v @Kanegan

Gorgeous George got an overdue win last week and he isn’t out of the playoff picture just yet but it would take a huge effort to sneak into 4th now as he sits 6pts away so would need two wins in his final two games and probably need at least one bonus point as well. Kane is a point ahead of George and in a similar position that it is all or nothing for him now and because of that I think this will be a good game as both go for it. I fancy George to take it into the final week here although a draw or Kane win can’t be discounted at all.

George win: 8/15

Kanegan win: 15/8

This Weeks Specials


George to make the playoffs - 16/1 as it will take probably 2 bonus point wins.

Woody to win the league phase - 11/8

Broodje to finish the season unbeaten - 10/11

Rich to blow “it” - 4/1


Sam “Smoke Jaguar” Hardy will be posting this weeks challenge this evening.

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1 minute ago, Rich said:

Can I bet on myself blowing it?

Don't do it, I need your win to make it into the playoff. If you lose I'm out. 

Worth mentioning that last time when @Kaneganwent against me he went nuts and got the extra point. I fancy him doing the same now.


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