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Career The Augusta Challenge: Ian Vs Foxy - 14th Hole Results

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Nice Birdie Foxy, the safe option is the best to take on this hole in my opinion. 90+ goals in consecutive seasons is a big ask when you take fitness/injuries and the like to account. Well played!

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18 hours ago, BatiGoal said:

Good round Fox and not as easy to beat as it looks. Pressure's on Ian now. 


17 hours ago, Rob said:

Great stuff lads. Written beautifully as always 

Thanks lads.

17 hours ago, Nucleus said:

Nice Birdie Foxy, the safe option is the best to take on this hole in my opinion. 90+ goals in consecutive seasons is a big ask when you take fitness/injuries and the like to account. Well played!

Very true. The H2H element of this adds that extra bit of pressure on holes like this as you have in mind what the other guy is doing. Hopefully @Ian went for an eagle and missed 😈

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So we know my opponent helped himself to a birdie on this hole and whilst that is a great return, there is an eagle option available which whilst being risky could be achievable with the right player. 

The question is, would I have the chance or even the balls to try it?

Let’s see.


No need to go into much detail here as I went for the same player as @Foxy.

Kelechi Iheanacho


He’s a good player and the only real decent option available as Vardy was probably too old. I was happy with him for the most part and it looks like he was a touch better at this stage on my save than he was on my opponents. It was his movement that I wasn’t happy with so my plan was to focus his training and mentoring on that area.

Season 1

Upon looking at this hole I immediately thought “Birdie” as the risk of going higher seemed so high but of course if the player then starts the first season flying things can change and as I said earlier the player seemed good. It wasn’t long into the season though when it became clear my focus was purely on the birdie as his numbers just weren’t good enough and after he suffered a couple of injuries combined with the team also being dumped out in the fifth round of the FA Cup, even the birdie was looking touch and go.


We did manage to get him the 60 goals for the first season with the important goal coming early in the final league game against Derby which was a huge relief as I wouldn’t have wanted to rely on him needing to score in a tough Champions League final.


He made some decent improvements to some of his attributes during the season with the increases in movement and shooting in particular being pleasing.


Other Business








Except for the FA Cup disaster above we won everything.










Season 2

We needed 61 goals here to claim the birdie and I felt injuries were the only thing that could stop us as he’d improved a good bit and so had most of our squad members. Fortunately he didn’t suffer the injuries he did last year and we found ourselves looking at this fixture list with him on 60 goals needing just one more for the birdie.


It didn’t take him long as the all important 61st goal came in the first of those remaining games against Spurs.


I then switched my focus on planning for next season and this was his final numbers.



Like Foxy I was expecting him to be a good deal better in the second season, it didn’t pan out that way but luckily he had more time on the pitch which made it plain sailing in the end.

Other Business








We won all competitions this year.












Score: -1 (Birdie) and -2 in total.


We have both started well and are level pegging going into the third hole so can one of us gain an advantage on the next hole?

You’ll find out soon.

Here is a preview of the challenge that awaits us on Hole 3 (Flowering Peach)



Challenge - Have as many different players score a hat-trick in one season as possible. All competitions.

Birdie - 8+ players

Par - 6 players

Bogey - 4 players

Double Bogey - 3 or less players


Thanks for reading and thanks again to @Foxy for creating the header graphics, I think we all will agree that they are fantastic.  

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5 hours ago, Lord Danish said:

Great job @Ian

very interesting to see how you and @Foxy going to complete the next round


5 hours ago, Mr Tree said:

textbook - cool, calm quality.

as the Dane says, that next one looks interesting - no idea how i'd approach it myself! good luck!

Thank you both, I’ve got an idea of how I’m going to approach hole 3 which seems like a sensible way to go about it but whether it pays off or not, time will tell.

4 hours ago, BatiGoal said:

Good chess match so far. Who's going to make the first error? 

Cheers Bati, something will have to give at some point soon surely. If it’s me that messes up then I won’t let it get to me as hopefully there’ll be time to make up for it. 

4 hours ago, Kanegan said:

Textbook like. Classy there Ian. Let's hope the next hole trips up either of you two. 

Thank you Kane, yes it would be good if one of us would slip up but I’d prefer it not to be me if possible.

4 hours ago, Titjes said:

You guys are keeping it close


2 hours ago, Gunners Rishi said:

This is turning out to be a battle for the Vibe History Books

Thank you both, it’s certainly shaping up to be a great battle.

1 hour ago, Foxy said:

Well played @Ian.

@samhardy I would like the odds for all 18 holes to be halved in your next betting update please.

Thanks Mr Fox, best of luck for the next hole. 

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After a poor showing in hole 2 predicting a Foxy victory the bookies return for the next instalment.

Black Cat betting.png

There has been nothing so far to enforce a change in the overall odds with Foxy still a narrow favourite but this could well change soon if the competitors continue to cancel each other out.

Overall Win

@Foxy - 4/6

@Ian - 6/5

The third hole isn't the most difficult on the course and with the goals both participants are capable of banging in you'd expect them both to make birdie without too much fuss, making another half warm favourite for this hole. Will the bookies be wrong again though and could Foxy or Ian strike the first blow here ahead of the potentially dangerous hole 4?

Hole 3 Result - Flowering Peach

@Ian - 7/5

Hole Halved - 1/2

@Foxy - 7/5

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We’ve both made a great start to our rounds in scoring a couple of Birdies each in the opening two holes but at some point something will surely give so could this be the hole in which it does?


For this hole we were required to get as many different players to score a hat trick as possible in one season. If we managed to get 8+ players to score a hat trick we would get a Birdie, 6 players a Par, 4 players a Bogey, and 3 or less players a dreaded Double Bogey.

Season Review

My plan for this hole was to rotate strikers from game to game so that they were always fresh and able to play the full game. I’d also end up with say a midfielder up top during some games if they’d scored a goal or two during the early stages of the match and tried a few speculative tactical changes which at times worked and at other times did not.

Hat Tricks

1: Federico Chiesa

It didn’t take long to get the first hat trick and it came from my right winger. I’d decided to start the season on overload and high defensive line and last year whenever I did this all I seemed to get with my system was more goals going to players other than my striker. Thought I’d try it here and it seems similar this year but I wasn’t complaining here although he did end up up front for his final goal.




2: Mohamad Salah

Not long later our left winger scored his hat trick. I always felt Salah would get one even from the left wing but again he was up front for at least the last of his goals I’m sure.




Two quick hat tricks which would surely bode well but unfortunately we had been dumped out of the Super Cup around this time and it’s safe to say I had given up on the overload and high defensive line at this stage.

3: Victor Osimhen

We didn’t have to wait too long for another hat trick and this time it was a planned striker hat trick. Unfortunately for Victor this would end up being the last game he’d play for us in a while.




4: Weston McKennie

A few weeks passed by and we have another, this time from a midfielder who having scored our only goal of the first half ended up as our striker in the second.




So we have four hat tricks by early October and the pleasing thing was that three of them were from players who hadn’t started as strikers. 

5: Divock Origi

We had a long wait for the next one but eventually big Divock helped himself to his hat trick. He ended up scoring four with three of them coming from the penalty spot but guess they all count.




6: Rhian Brewster

Another long wait for the next one and at this stage it was a case of Brewster and Nacho alternating games. There were a few braces from both and I was beginning up get frustrated until Brewster finally got his hat trick to put us up to six in total.




7: Kelechi Iheanacho

The very next game Nacho popped up with his hat trick in the League Cup final so that’s only one more required for the Birdie with a good few months left of the season to get it.




We still had Mane, Wilson and Firmino that were decent options but Bobby I felt was too important in the attacking midfield position so my focus was on Mane and Wilson.

8: Sadio Mané

Nearly two months had passed since the seventh hat trick and I was beginning to think we weren’t going to get any more until Sadio finally produced a second half hat trick in the Merseyside Derby at Goodison Park to clinch the all important eighth hat trick.




9: Harry Wilson

This was an unintended hat trick from Wilson playing as an inside forward. After getting the eighth hat trick I decided to switch my focus on planning for next season by bringing back in a few of my hat trick scoring strikers I’d outed so I set my team up, started the game, went to make a cup of tea and came back to see that Wilson had scored a hat trick during the first half. A nice bonus!




I had a couple of half hearted attempts at trying to get one for Bobby which would’ve been nice but it never happened unfortunately.

Other Business



We had a fair few players already at the club that I fancied could score a hat trick so I didn’t go crazy on that front and just brought in one striker in Osimhen. A few others came and went with a few leaving post season.





We slipped up in the semi final of the FA Cup and Super Cup but managed to win everything else.










Hole 3 (Flowering Peach): Birdie (-1)

Running Total: -3



So now we just have to see how @Foxy got on before we both move onto Hole 4 which looks like it might be a touch tricky.

Thanks for reading.

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11 hours ago, BatiGoal said:

Well played Ian. Well played. Just don't lose sight of that old Fox. He's one sneaky fox, I tell ya. 

  Reveal hidden contents



Thank you Bati, yes I’ll have to keep an eye on him as he’s not to be trusted.

9 hours ago, Nucleus said:

Looks like my course record is going to get smashed 😂 Well played Ian, can be a tricky hole that one

Thanks Nuke, I’m not sure your record will be obtainable looking at some of holes and the next one seems tricky to me. I just hope I can get round with a decent score  although if either of us get anything under par then I’m guessing the course organiser will be ready to make a few changes for next year 😂

8 hours ago, Gunners Rishi said:


Thank you

6 hours ago, Kanegan said:

Great hole again Ian.

Thanks Kane, hopefully these good early returns will be helpful later on if a few holes go sour

3 hours ago, Foxy said:

Well played again @Ian.

Thanks Mr Fox, look forward to seeing how your hole went.

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You all saw @Ian ease to a birdie yesterday and so the pressure is on me to keep up with my attempt at Hole 3.

My approach was much the same as Ian’s as I bought in a good number of strikers but if required I moved players up front if they had a goal or two early in a match although that didn’t pay off for me at any point depsite plenty of braces.


Obviously the main emphasis was to bring in as many strikers as possible so if any didn’t perform I could just keep swapping players in and out.



The Hat Trick Hero’s

Hat Trick 1: Tammy was the first one to try and succeed in the 3rd league game of the season. This was his last appearance as I didn’t need him and the money for another striker would be handy so I sold him to Roma.


Hat Trick 2: Cup games against lower league teams were always going to be important so it was nice to get one in this game with young Irish man Aaron Connolly doing the deed in the first half. Unfortunately we couldn’t add a 2nd in the next 45 minutes.


Hat Trick 3: Kev De Bruyne always loves a goal and so I thought I would indulge him with a game up top. He rewarded me with a 3rd hat trick in this challenge.


Hat Trick 4: This was the season that is disrupted by the World Cup and I was hoping that I would be half way to a birdie by the time that happened but it wasn’t to be. It didn’t take long once the club season resumed to get number 4 though with Dominic Calvert-Lewin knocking in a treble.


Hat Trick 5: This was such a frustrating game as Werner smashed in a 24 minute hat trick so he came straight off for Dolberg but he could only get a brace. This did ensure I would get at least a par though.


Hat Trick 6: January was a lean month but I did add a few more strikers to the squad including the bargain that is Marega who then went and got a hat trick on his debut although the other 4 goals were annoyingly spread around.


Hat Trick 7: It took almost exactly a month to get the 7th hat trick and it was the boy wonder Haaland that did the honours for me.


Just one more needed for a birdie and another halved hole.


I had a good number of games in which to get the 8th hat trick and it finally came in the CL semi final with Liverpool as RW Ferran Torres scored an unlikely hat trick to win us the game.


That left me with a month of the season left to play and put my ideas for hole 4 to the test.

In terms of the round and H2H we are both tied on -3 with all three holes tied so far.


Any Other Business 


It was a clean sweep of trophies but the goal difference wasn’t great in the league with hole 4 in mind.


Hole 4 Preview 

This hole looks a trough one and it could prove to be the first to separate us both with a boogie not looking impossible for either of us if we can’t get our tactics spot on.

In half a season (19 league games) you must get as close to the GD of +60, as possible.

Birdie - Within 10

Par - Within 25

Bogey - More than 26 away

Just a half season challenge this time so I’m sure it won’t be long till I am back posting my results.

Thanks for reading and some comments are appreciated.


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Good comeback Foxdog! 


7 hours ago, Woody said:

I know its only a few holes in but christ its tight(no puns please) 😂

With Ian and Fox doing their rounds I say it's gonna get a "hole" lot tighter, mate. 

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