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Challenges Badge of Honour 3 - Redknapping


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Badge of Honour 3 - Redknapping



This is the third challenge in the the Badges or Honour Series. The whole concept and links to the other badges can be found here.


The Dictionary of Vibe describes Redknapping as.

The process of dismantling almost an entire squad of players when taking over at a club and then rebuilding the team. 

The process gets its name from wheeling and dealing former West Ham, Portsmouth and Spurs manager and professional Cockney Harry Redknapp.

The Challenge

This is a double first for the Badges of Honour series as for the first time you will be managing in the lower leagues and this is a team based challenge instead of focusing on specific players. In a way I consider this to be more of an experiment than a challenge as it will be interesting to see how the new dynamics and relationships system in FMM21 is effected by making wholesale changes to a squad.

Club Choice: You will be heading to the south coast and the club that ‘Arry led to FA Cup glory, Portsmouth. You will find them in English League 1 these days.

Transfers Out: You must sell or release a minimum of 15 first team players. You may not loan out any of the first team squad as they must leave the club permanently and cannot be signed again this season. This is Portsmouth’s first team at the start of the game and they have 23 players.


You can keep the two players on loan and then 6 other first teamers but the rest must leave the club before the first league game of the season. Ending the two loan players time at the club or selling/loaning reserve players does not count towards the 15 and you may sell more than 15 if you wish.

Transfers in: You must then replace those 15 players with a minimum of 15 players. These can be signed for a fee, as free transfers, player exchanges or on loan. Promoting players from the reserve team don’t count towards the total and you must have done at least 15 transfers in by the first league game.

Benchmark: In order to earn the badge for this challenge you must finish top 2 in League 1 in the first season.

Leaderboard Points: These will be league point +/- GD.

Screenshots Required: Due to the nature of this challenge you must show the following screenshots from your game to earn your badge.

  • Transfers out on the day of your first league match (12th September 2020)
  • Transfers in on the day of your first league match (12th September 2020)
  • Player profile and history of your top scorer.
  • League table to prove you finished top 2.
  • Manager profile and history.

Rules: No reloading, editing or cheating of any kind.

Unlockables: You cannot use any unlockables except for coaching badge and reputation.

Any questions just ask and most of all have fun.


  1. @Albionic - 231pts - Career Thread
  2. @hhooo - 225pts Career Thread
  3. @RichD - 220pts - Career Thread
  4. @Aaron Thornton - 215pts - Career Thread
  5. @Varf on fmm - 215pts - Career
  6. @Scratch - 211pts - Career Thread
  7. @Chris - 211pts - Career Thread
  8. @geordiekrispy - 211pts - Career Thread
  9. @Ian - 204pts - Career Thread
  10. @Kanegan - 195pts - Career Thread
  11. @Dai_ - 194pts - Career Thread
  12. @smoggy90 - 192pts - Career Thread
  13. @Jsavfc - 190pts - Career Thread
  14. @Plimmerz92 - 187pts - Career Thread
  15. @FuddledFox - 181pts - Career Thread
  16. @Lagom - 166pts - Career Thread
  17. @ScottishFMM - 148pts - Career Thread


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17 minutes ago, hhooo said:

Also, player exchanges I assume are fair game? I believe they only appear on the full transfer screen

Yes they are fine so long as you show the right screenshots to prove they happened.

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3 hours ago, hhooo said:

Just thinking - would anyone want to make a long version of this? Maybe 15 players in and out every season for X seasons? 

No need for anyone to make that as a challenge for you to do it and I’m sure it would be an interesting read for us all to follow :)

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I don’t usually venture below the Championship, but this seemed interesting, and thought it would be nice to collect all the badges on the way.



I have absolutely fleeced Luton, who have spent £22m on my players, only to be sat 18th in the Championship.

I basically offered all first team players out, and decided I would keep the last three who were left. How this guy wasn’t one of the ones snapped up, I have no idea...




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2 minutes ago, Lagom said:

thought it would be nice to collect all the badges on the way.

I can confirm that there will be a Collectors Badge for those people that complete every badge in the series.

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I believe this gives me a total of 168 to put me on the board. I’m sure there’ll be much better scores than this, but I’m pleased with my first real foray into LLM(ish) this season.

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Forgot how fun it is making a squad Lower league 😁

Edited by RichD
Forgot how many games come thick and fast, lucky I like a big squad
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25 minutes ago, Jsavfc said:

@FuddledFox can we sign/sell in January? So, a player I signed before the first game, if he isn't performing can I sell him and replace? 

Yes you can but you cannot sign back any of the players you sold in the first window.

My attempt with a score of 181pts for the leaderboard.


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Loved this challenge its very unique thats for sure and i had to bargain hunt which i enjoy rather fitting since i support newcastle haha. 

sold 15 players

Bought 15 players before opening game.

Due to injuries and lack of depth i had to buy few more CMs in january.

Season finale.

1st with 114 points.

Goals score 114. Goals conceded 41 = 73 GD

Total score 187 

Screenshot_20201227-232514_FM21 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20201227-233158_FM21 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20201227-233207_FM21 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20201227-233218_FM21 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20201227-233226_FM21 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20201228-011421_FM21 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20201228-011624_FM21 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20201228-011728_FM21 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20201228-011739_FM21 Mobile.jpg

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I must confess, i was trying this over the last couple of days, something different having reached the midpoint of my long career, and definitely the most interesting badge for me...

But I'm abandoning halfway through. I was unbeaten for the first 9 and thought i might break the world record, but we've fallen hard - relentless schedule ending up with 3 losses in a row just before Christmas. Didn't read others' attempts, wanted to just approach it blind... didn't work :D Maybe later in the year! 

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On 14/12/2020 at 21:04, Scratch said:

I got 211:

Would love to get on the leaderboard when you have time. Thanks!

@FuddledFox just noticed I didn't get added to the leaderboard - could you please add when you get the chance? Thanks.

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