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FMM19 Challenge Index


Welcome to the FMM19 challenge index.

Here at Vibe we have a wide range of challenges created by all you talented guys in the community. To make it easier to find a challenge that interests you I have made this index with a wide range of challenges that range from one season to challenges that will take over 20 years to complete.

I have posted many of the challenges from previous years but not all of them so you can find the FMM18 index here.

I will then add the challenges that are created this year.

Just click the challenge title to be taken to the relevant thread.

Player Challenges

Hall of Fame

The Vipe Triple Crown - Complete the 1kc, Double Trouble and Triple Threat challenges and get your name in the hall of fame.

One Season Challenges

The Yossi Benayoun Hat-Trick Challenge - Hat-tricks in the Premier League, FA Cup and Champions League are the aim of this one

The 100 Club - 1 season, 1 striker, 100 club goals to join the club. This challenge can take longer then 1 season. 

The One Man Team ChallengeOne player doing all the work!!!

Two - Five Season Challenges

The Shane Long Challenge - Give the Irish Legend one last hurrah by beating his Premier League goals total.

The Vikings Cometh! - Conquer England and the World with your Norsemen

The Calendar Year Scoring Challenge - Controversy over who holds the record but you can put all that to bed by setting a new one here.

The Fernando Peyroteo Challenge - Take over any club and try and get your player to score nearly twice a game for 5 seasons?

Bad Boys From Brazil - Sign up your new troublesome Brazilian duo and cause carnage for 2 seasons in this fun challenge.

FMM FirePower Challenge Pick your power players and conquer the world.

Six - Ten Season Challenges

The Gunnar Nordahl Challenge - More Scandie action as you take on the toughest league and hit the goal trail.

The Diego Maradona Napoli Challenge - Recreate the Napoli career of the cheating genius.

The Rob Earnshaw Challenge - Replicate the Welsh hitmans hat trick exploits.

Clarence Seedorf Champions League Challenge - All about Champions League glory here. One man, three clubs and three cups.

The Strikers' Striker Challenge - It's hard enough to secure in the Premier League as it is let alone with a Vanarama North player!

The Uk Goal Challenge - Break the goal scoring records in each UK league.

The Latin Europe Challenge - 4 countries, 4 records, over 200 goals.

The Germanic Europe Challenge - The third and final instalment of the record breaking trilogy.

Marco Van Basten Challenge - 6 years to follow in the footsteps of the Dutch legend.

The Zbigniew Boniek Challenge - The greatest Polish player ever? Maybe but can you rival him?

The Larsson Rides Again Challenge - Can you follow Henrik Larsson with Larsson Jr?

The Oleg Veretennikov Challenge - Grab an Russian attacking mid and beat 143 goals in 9 seasons.

The Landon Donovan Challenge - Sign a US striker for the Galaxy and emulate the U.S.A’s greatest player.

The Park Ji - Sung Challenge - Start with a Korean at PSV and then move to England just like the tireless former Man Utd midfielder.

The Josip Skoblar ChallengeTakeover at Marseille and sign a Croatian striker with the aim of scoring 305 league goals in 6 seasons.

The Enzo Scifo Challenge This Challenge will take you from Belgium to France and finally Italy as you look to emulate the Belgian midfield maestro

The Rabah Madjer Challenge - Emulate the career of the Algerian great.

The Fabled Number 10 Shirt: A Juventus Challenge - Emulate the 7 great number 10’s from Juventus’ history in this 7 season challenge.

The Curse of Chelsea's No.9 Shirt Challenge - You have 8 seasons to prove that the curse has been well and truly broken.

The Wu Lei Challenge - Emulate the career of the Chinese legend in this challenge.

Ten Season+ Challenges

The 1000 goal challenge - One player, 1000 goals easy right?!?

The triple threat challenge - Three players, 1500 goals needed.

The double trouble challenge - Two players, 1200 goals needed

The assist challenge - Got a creative player? Then get him on the leaderboard.

The 200 international goal challenge - This might just make international management interesting. 

The converted winger challenge -  Find yourself a new Henry and bang in the goals, 30 to be precise.

The Maxwell (Full) House Challenge - Recreate the career of legendary Brazilian LB Maxwell.

Der Bomber: The Gerd Müller Challenge - Replicate the career of one of the greatest goalscorers of all time.

The Ronald Koeman Goal Challenge - Can you break Koeman's goalscoring record with your own centre back? Try it with this challenge.

The William Ralph "dixie" Dean Challenge - Can you match his 60 goal a season record in the Premier League?

The Rogério Ceni Challenge - Can your keeper score 129 career goals?

Scoring With Pensioners Challenge - Prove that age is just a number in this classic twisted 1000 goal challenge.

The John Charles Challenge - Follow Charles and develop a centre half into a goalscoring machine here.

The Telmo Zarra Challenge - Head to Spain to challenge this goalscoring legend.

The Johan Cruyff Challenge - The man, the myth, the legend. Do you even dare attempt to follow his exploits?

The One Laudrup or Two Challenge - Two brothers, two great careers. Double the fun!

The Eusébio Challenge - Can you match the exploits of this Portuguese legend?

Beating The All Time League Top Scorers - Try and bang in over 1200 goals over four leagues.

Ernst Wilimowski Challenge - Emulate the career of the Polish/German legend.

The Strikerless 1kc - Mo striker, mo problems.

The regen based 1.5k challenge: Get to 500 goals from a real 30+ striker and then 1k from his regen. 

Team Challenges

Career Side Challenges

The New Stadium Challenge - Who can have the most new stadiums built this year?

The Neil Warnock Promotion Challenge - Win promotions and get on the leaderboard.

One Season Challenges

Race to 50 - Fastest to 50 goals wins.

Man City - Liverpool Title Race Challenge  - Sell the squad and then replicate the results.

The Chippenham or Curzon One Season ChallengePick one of these minnows and with no transfers try and take them to glory.

The One Season Strikerless Challenge - No strikers needed in this one season challenge.

The Pride Of A Continent Challenge - Only players from one continent allowed here in one of vibe's oldest challenges.

Parking The Bus Challenge - Do your best Mourinho impersonation here and keep the ball out of your net as best you can.

The Nation Locke Challenge - Pair up your players and shoot for glory.

The Everyone’s a Scorer Challenge5 goals at least from every squad member and you are on the leaderboard.

2009 england U-21 Challenge - Give these former wonderkids a second chance at glory.

Single Season Challenge: Highest Lowest - Will your lowest score the highest?

The Infinity Glove: Pick your gems and go for glory.

Chelsea’s Bad Eggs: Take over Chelsea and replace the big names.

Two - Five Season Challenges 

The English Kings of Monaco Challenge - Find a new Hoddle, Waddle and Hateley and take Monte Carlo by storm.

El Desafío Real de Galacticos en Inglés - Beckham, Woodgate and Owen, Real legends? Maybe not but can you do better?

The No National Physio Challenge - International management... A walk in the park. Not in this challenge. One injury and you can never use a player again.

The Four Tigers Challenge - Grab some tigers to complete each mission in Korea.

The Premier League 2 Challenge - Try to win it all with kids in this tough challenge where you'll be following the rules of Premier League 2.

The Massimiliano Allegri Selling Challenge - Try and continue to win titles with Juve whilst selling off your prized assets.

The Death and Rise of AC Fiorentina Challenge - Attempt to take the Viola back to their glory days.

Inter - Die Deutsche Trio-Herausforderung - Get that winning feeling in Milan with your trio of Germans.

The Mid Level ChallengeTake an average team in an average league to glory.

The Five Season Release Clause Challenge - Build a squad within the price restrictions rinse and repeat.

The Bottoms Up 2019 Challenge - Take on the playoff winners of England, Spain, France and Italy and rack up the points.

Six - Ten Season Challenges

The Everton in the 80's Challenge - Recreate Everton's glory days

The Helenio Herrera Challenge - Follow in the great man's footsteps over Europe playing 3 at the back.

The 80's Milan Go Dutch Challenge - The triple Dutch challenge in the red side of Milan.

The Sir Marc Bradley Wiggins Challenge - Match Wiggo's greatest triumphs across Europe in this fascinating challenge.

The F.C Barcelona 86-87 Challenge - El Tel and his British imports.

Besiktas: The Gordon Milne Challenge - Can you beat Milne's total of 8 trophies in 6 seasons with the Black Eagles?

Sell Them Slowly - Perfect for a H2H but can also be played individually. How will you replace your star players with only a tenth of the funds available?

Newcastle United: The Entertainers Challenge - Attempt to take the Magpies further than Keegan and co.

Hannibal’s March On Rome Challenge - Follow in the footsteps of one of history’s greatest commanders.

Long Way to the Top - Start your career as a nobody and finish a legend.

The Talent Factory - Keep the talent coming through to keep this save going.

Liverpool’s Greatest - Recreate the great Liverpool side from the 1970’s and 80’s.

7 Crazy Formations, 7 Seasons, 1 TEAM Challenge: Utilise these classic formations and bring glory to your chosen club.

The World Supremacy Challenge - Four nations, four clubs and one goal, to take over the world!

The Continental Conquerors Challenge - Win all the Champions Leagues available in the game.

The Spinal Alphabet Challenge - Build a new spine to your team each season to build a great score.

Ten Season+ Challenges

The Wine World Tour Challenge - Bring your drinking boots and head off round the globe.

Bor.Mönchengladbach - The Golden Decade Challenge - 10 seasons to bring glory back to this German giant.

Premier League? What Premier League? - Is it possible to get every team that starts in the Premier League out of it at the same time? Surely not.

Probably The Best League In The World Challenge - Try to turn a minnow league into the best league in the world in this tough challenge.

Curse Of The Loan Signing - Loan in a hitman and go one better than The previous season. How many rounds can you last?

The Atletico Madrid Challenge - How many consecutive seasons can your ever-changing strikers reach the 30 goal mark? The full 30 perhaps?

The Race To Be Perfect - Can you become the greatest manager of all time, stats wise anyway?

The Premier League Bargain Buy Challenge - Recreate some of the biggest bargains in Premier League history in this challenge.

Building the Brand - City Challenge - Build your football empire Man City style.

Ballon d’Or Challenge - Get players from some of the smaller nations to win the coveted trophy.

The Insane Journeyman Challenge - 30 seasons and 30 clubs what can you win?

I hope you find a challenge that will enhance the enjoyment of the game for you.

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