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FMM20 Challenge Index



Welcome to the FMM20 challenge index.

Here at Vibe we have a wide range of challenges created by all you talented guys in the community. To make it easier to find a challenge that interests you I have made this index with a wide range of challenges that range from one season to challenges that will take over 20 seasons to complete.

I have posted many of the challenges from previous years but not all of them so you can find the FMM19 index here.

I will then add the challenges that are created this year.

Just click the challenge title to be taken to the relevant thread.

Player Challenges

Hall of Fame
The Triple Crown: Complete the 1kc, Double Trouble and Triple Threat challenges and get your name in the hall of fame.

One Season Challenges

The Christmas Challenge 2019 - Get some winter sun in the Azores with this Christmas themed challenge.
Gundogan's Victory Challenge - Match the incredible record set by German midfielder Ilkay Gundogan.

Yossi Benayoun Hat-Trick Challenge - Hat-tricks in the Premier League, FA Cup and Champions League are the aim here. An ideal short term challenge.

The 'Brothers In Arms' Challenge - Keep it in the family as you look to score big points

The ‘Liverpool Front Three’ Challenge - They score, they create, they entertain, and they destroy.

The ‘Neymar and Mbappe Inside Forward’ Challenge - Two of the games’ best cutting in and scoring goals and setting assists

The Kevin De Bruyne Challenge - The Belgian magician assists a lot and scores plenty

The One Man Team Challenge - Get one player to be your top assister and goalscorer.

The [Insert Your Name Here] Challenge - Narrate a one season adventure all about you

Two - Five Season Challenges

Ronny’s 20: Grab a golden oldie and score against 20 different teams in the league as quickly as possible just like Ronaldo.

The Striker Peak Years Challenge: Pick a player in his peak years and get as many goal contributions as you can in 5 seasons.

The Late Bloomers Challenge: Grab a player 30+ and try and score more goals than he has managed up to this point in his career.

Bad Boys From Brazil - Sign up your troublesome Brazilian duo and cause carnage for 2 seasons in this fun challenge.

The Race to 100 - Pick a youngster with no goals or assists and get them to 100 goals or assists in as few amount of games as possible.

The Lord Bendtner ChallengeCan you finally get the Danish maverick to fulfil his potential before he retires.

The Frank Lampard Challenge: Pick an English midfielder and beat the achievements of Fat Frank.

The Atletico Madrid Challenge - 30 goals with your chosen striker, rinse and repeat. Good challenge for beginners.

The Super Mario Challenge: Balotelli has an awesome penalty record so try to maintain that plus score plenty from open play as well. Why always him?

No Barca No Cry - Take Messi away from Barca and have him score as many goals as possible before he retires.

Mesut Özil Assist Challenge - Manage Arsenal and try to get 80 assists from Özil before he retires.

The English Killer: Olympiakos - Take an English striker to Greece and dominate if you can.

Scoring Streaks - Beat the best goal scoring streaks from England, Italy, France/Germany and Spain.

If I could score 500 goals - Pick four players, score 500 goals as soon as possible. 

Messi and Ronaldo One Last Dance Challenge - Sign Ronaldo for Barcelona and play two seasons with the modern day legends

Single, Double, Triple Trouble - Three seasons, three players and three tactics.

Six - Ten Season Challenges

The Fairytale Challenge - Start at the very bottom and take your chosen club and two players all the way to Premier League glory.
The Fabled Number 10 Shirt: A Juventus Challenge - Emulate the 7 great number 10’s from Juventus’ history in this 7 season challenge.

The Diego Maradona Napoli Challenge - Recreate the Napoli career of the cheating genius.

The Strikers’ Striker Challenge - It’s hard enough to score as it is in the Premier League let alone with a Vanarama North player!

The Josip Skoblar Challenge - Take over at Marseille and sign a Croatian striker with the aim of scoring 305 league goals in 6 seasons.

The Park Ji-Sung Challenge - Start with a Korean at PSV and then move to England just like the tireless midfielder.

The Landon Donovan Challenge - Start at LA Galaxy and sign a U.S striker and try to emulate Landon Donovan’s career.

The Ernst Willimowski Challenge - Emulate the career of the Polish/German forward starting in Poland and moving on to Germany.

The Wu Lei Challenge - Emulate the career of the Chinese legend in this challenge.

The Rabah Madjer Challenge - Emulate the career of the Algerian great.

The Much Adu About Nothing Challenge: Give the ultimate FM Wonderkid one last chance at stardom.

One Laudrup or Two: Try and emulate the careers of the great Danish brothers.

Around the World In 800 Goals: Take your player round the world collecting goals as you go.

Krzysztof Warzycha Panathinaikos Challenge: Emulate the career of a Polish legend.

The Jimmy McGrory Challenge - Take over Celtic, sign a young Scottish striker and try to emulate the career of the Scottish legend.

Ten+ Season Challenges

The 1000 goal challenge  - One player, 1000 goals easy right?!?

The Double Trouble Challenge - Two players, 1200 goals needed.

The Triple Threat: Three strikers, 1500 goals needed.

The Triple Threat Assists Challenge - Grab a defender, midfielder and striker and beat the Premier League assists records.

The Assist Challenge - Got a creative player? Then get him on the leaderboard!

The 200 International Goal Challenge - This might make international management interesting.

The Big Six 1kc: Manage all of the Premier League “big six” and get a player to 1000 goals in the process. Also a selection of other alternative 1kc ideas.

The Alphabet/Nation Lock/TT challenge: Work your way through the alphabet and get 1500 goals from your strikers as quickly as possible.

The 50-50 1k Split Challenge: One Player, 500 goals, 500 assists and you are on the leaderboard.

The Rogério Ceni Challenge: Recreate the exploits of this famous goalscoring goalkeeper.

Team Challenges

Career Side Challenge

The New Stadium ChallengeWho can have the most new stadiums built this year?

The Neil Warnock Promotion Challenge - Win promotions and get on the leaderboard.

The Champions Streak Challenge - Win the Champions League with the same club as many times in a row as you can.

One Season Challenges

The Goals per Game Challenge - Score as many team goals as possible in the first season.

The One Season Strikerless Challenge- No strikers needed or allowed in this one season challenge.

The One Season Defenderless Challenge - Get rid of all those boring defenders and see how you do.

Parking the Bus Challenge - Do your best Mourinho impersonation here and keep the ball out of your net as best you can.

Rodriguez Challenge: Take over at Real Madrid and fill the team with Rodriquez’s before looking to win the lot.

Is 5 enough or overkill: Playing 5 up front is bound to be successful....isn’t it?

Averaging Out - Can you cope with losing your star players not just in the transfer window, but every month?

The 2-2-6 Challenge - Take over Queen’s Park, build an all Scottish team and be as successful as you can in one season using a formation similar to 2-2-6.

FMMVibe Goes to the Movies - A collection of film themed challenges.

Pride of a Continent - Build a team of players all from one continent and win as much as you can.

Liverpool Front 3 Challenge - Play a season at Liverpool with Salah, Mane, and Firminio and destroy the competition.

Two - Five Season Challenges

The Managers 1000 Goals Challenge: Get your team scoring as much and quickly as possible.

Gold Cup Players Challenge - Sign some of the best players from the Gold Cup nations and score and assist your way to the top of the leaderboard.

The Battle or the Bosses 1, The Battle or the Bosses 2, The Battle of the Bosses 35 seasons - 5 Boss Levels, each increasing in difficulty as you progress through the stages. Can't wait to see how badly you're going to do

Area 51 Challenge: The truth is out there.

The 4 Seasons (Improvement Challenge): Takeover 4 different clubs over 4 seasons and improve on there previous seasons finish.

Six - Ten Season Challenges

AFCON Player Challenge: Sign some of the best players Africa has to offer and score and assists your way to the top of the leaderboard.

Copa America Players ChallengeSign some of the best players South America has to offer and score and assists your way to the top of the leaderboard.

Liverpool’s Greatest - Recreate the fabulous Liverpool side from the 1970’s through to the 1980’s.

The Continental Conquerors Challenge - Win all of the Champions Leagues available on the game.

The Ipswich Challenge - Annoy Bobby by taking over Ipswich Town and try to win all of the major trophies.

The China Invasion: Recreate the conquests of Genghis Khan but this time on the football field.

Villa, Forest and Celtic Challenge: Try and return these "great" clubs to there former European Glory.

No National Physio Challenge - Your star man gets injured whilst on international duty? Tough luck, he won't be available again!

It’s a Long Way to The Top (Superstar Manager): Start from the bottom, pay your dues and become a superstar.

The Amateur Challenge: Take one of the many amateur clubs in the game to glory.

The London Teams Promotion Challenge - It doesn’t matter how it happens just get those London teams up the leagues

Ten+ Season Challenges

The Tour De France 2020: Get on your Lycra, polish your helmet and saddle up for another tour around France.

Ballon d’Or Challenge - Try to get players from some of the smaller nations to win the coveted trophy.

The Insane Journeyman Challenge - 30 seasons and 30 clubs; What can you win?

Building the Brand - City Challenge - Build your own football empire, Man City style!

The Beatles Challenge: Create your own Fab 4 and conquer the world.

Augusta National Golf Club Challenge 2020 - Try and master the world's most famous golf course in this mammoth 22 season master-blaster.

Premier League? What Premier League? - Attempt to remove all 20 teams that start in the Premier League by the end of the 30 seasons.

Probably The Best League In The World Challenge - Take a minnow league to the top here.

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Myself and @samhardy have posted a few of this years challenges onto the FMM21 challenge index. If there is any challenges we have missed then anyone is welcome to post them into the FMM21 forum but please remember to give credit to the challenges original creator.


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